5 Most Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

According to the latest 2021 Statista data, currently, there are 4.20 billion people social media users. Such a huge number of people most definitely features several if not all of your target audience segments. But how to engage them in your social media pages?

Of course, if you might have the money to invest in ads and promote your page. But it is a complete waste of capital if your prospects follow the ads and end up on an uninformative social media profile that has nothing to do with their needs and pain points. 

To succeed in the world of social media, you will have to know what are the main mistakes that can break down all your Social Media Marketing Presence? 

RGray team here is welcome to help you with it. So, check out the 5 most common mistakes in Social Media Marketing Strategy straight away. 

Implementing the same strategy for all kinds of social media platforms

Neglecting this issue means killing your plans. It’s true that different platforms can gather the same people but with different content preferences. Every platform is unique and demands a specific SMM strategy.

For example, let’s take a look at two popular social media and try to understand what kind of content approach is worth focusing on:


Instagram users are interested in entertaining visual content. It is better to carefully design informative and visually appealing slides that will be posted as images and work on catchy descriptions. The descriptive texts shouldn’t be too long. 

To gain more subscribers, it’s a good idea to start it with a clickbaity title/solution like “7 Tips for…”,  “How to…”, etc. It’s a common practice to leave some space and write the main text afterward. Following these content guidelines will interest your target audience and push them to press “read more” in order to find a solution or tips. This way you will grow your brand engagement and loyalty by showing off your expertise


LinkedIn is addressed to professionals and features insightful industry-related content.

It’s a good platform to find leads, hire people, and work on your networking. Make your profile information and share tips, experience, cases, and achievements with others. That way you will create a wise and professional image that will potentially attract leads. Moreover, hashtags on this platform are used to describe your industry. Use it for better searchability of your business profile.

You can see short descriptions of the most relevant content for other social media on the image below: 

 relevant content for social media

Neglecting analytics

Neglecting analytics stops you from successful campaigns just because you don’t know whether you do right or wrong things with your social media content. 

A successful strategy always needs measuring, analyzing, and comparing. If you want to optimize your SMM strategy you should find out how your audience engages with your posts, what are their reactions, preferences, and needs. By learning and analyzing your profile analytics, you will really learn to differentiate right from wrong in terms of social media.

You can see some of the free analytics metrics tools on the image below: 

free analytics metrics tools

Avoidance of the bad feedback and reviews

You may think that omitting and deleting bad reviews saves from others’ eyes. But, the way you do this only shows your reluctance to take responsibility for your own mistakes. Yes, sometimes clients can be rude and fault, and their reviews, tweets, posts may seem unfair too, but social media users are not just numbers, they are actual humans, they want to know that they matter. 

Take every negative comment with a grain of salt and respond with calmness and constructiveness. Attempt to explain the situation diplomatically, confess your error if there was one, and maintain a proactive attitude. If you’re polite and doing your best to address the problem as soon as possible, customers will understand it and other users will see your care too. That will increase your reputation.

You can see some tips on what to write and how to start your response in the next image: 

response to a negative comment

Lack of engagement and interactivity

Some SMM managers claim that sharing up-to-date company information or announcing new products is enough activity for social media. In fact, without any additional interactivity, your page will become boring. Most people won’t even consider subscribing to something like that. You still need to engage with the audience and create useful, meaningful interactions, not just one-way messages. To interact with your audience, you need to show the human side of your business, react to feedback, be supportive, post engaging content, and communicate with followers without a promotional agenda.

Lack of posting schedule 

Audiences enjoy regular content when it comes to social media brand engagement. You don’t want to bombard your followers with hundreds of messages every day. Make sure you hit their news feeds regularly every day or a couple of times a week. Otherwise, they’re going to forget about you, or think you’re no longer in business.  


These are only some of the mistakes that businesses usually make in their SMM. A marketing campaign that will really elevate your business calls for a much more elaborate strategy. It is hard and in some cases impossible to make it on your own without any help from marketing experts. RGray marketing team is ready to help you with this problem. Receive more advice and qualitative service by just contacting us

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