Reddit is turning into Facebook. TikTok + Vimeo

digest 19.07-25.07

How should retargeting be done? Reddit is implementing a new “Facebook” feature, TikTok is starting a new partnership, why email marketing matters, and much more from the world of digital marketing in our new episode of the RGray Weekly Marketing Insights and News Digest.

  • More interesting posts on Reddit! The company decided to add a new feed based on your interests! Check out our digest for more details.
  • Read our digest to find out retargeting tips that will make your clients buy your product.
  • TikTok will cooperate with Vimeo. Curious about the outcomes? See our weekly digest for more insights.
  • Check out the infographic we have prepared for you to get the best out of email marketing.

Reddit is turning into Facebook

Facebook feed tends to show the publications tailored to our interests. As it turned out, Reddit wants to do the same.

Better than best.

This is how Reddit describes its new recently launched feature. It shows you a feed of publications that the platform recommends to you, believing that you will like it.

Previously, it was about subreddits: “Previously, you’d see recommendations for communities you may like, now you’ll see recommendations for similar posts you may like,” – as stated in the announcement.

It’s like Facebook: as we know, the Facebook feed tends to show the publications tailored to our interests. As it turned out, Reddit wants to do the same.

Why you should care: Discoverability. And democracy. If your publication on Reddit has not become viral, then it will only be shown to users on the parent subreddit.

So, now Reddit will be able to recommend and show posts that you are most likely to appreciate.

It’s all about retargeting

Early retargeting of the customer (less than 1 hour) will annoy him and reduce the likelihood of a purchase.

Adding items to your cart but not making a purchase is a problem for all online stores worth almost $5 trillion. But how and when is the best way to remind users to make a purchase?

The majority will think as soon as possible.

But that’s not true. According to one study of 64,000 clients discussed in the Ariyh newsletter issue:

  • Early retargeting of the customer (less than 1 hour) will annoy him and reduce the likelihood of a purchase.
  • Retargeting a customer in a day or more will increase the likelihood of making a purchase.

It makes sense:

  • This could result in the loss of that client forever. Users would be annoyed if the company follow him online right after closing the website. 
  • The sales generated by early retargeting will happen anyway. After all, the user still remembers you and the purchase.
  • Retargeting is a reminder to people about a flawed purchase. It’s true that 3 hours after they will remember about the purchase they made, but after a couple of days retargeting will become a good reminder.

Research Limitations:

  • No discounts, specials, urgency, or scarcity tactics were used in the retargeting message.
  • The retargeting period depends on the niche. For example, if this is DIY furniture, then the user must consider the purchase based on design, color, etc.

What does this mean to you?

  • Try to pause your ongoing retargeting campaigns and analyze the results. Do it gradually: start with some campaigns you already have on and see how the sales go.
  • Test out the option of using discounts in the first retargeting message.

TikTok + Vimeo

TikTok recently announced a collaboration with Vimeo.

Time and money. This is what makes the world go round.

TikTok recently announced a collaboration with Vimeo around these two things. What is so special? Vimeo Create is a video creation tool based on artificial intelligence that will be available to advertisers on TikTok in the ad manager. The main purpose is to save your:

  • Time: The tool includes hundreds of ready-made templates so that you don’t need to create from scratch.
  • Money: This is free software and is a good alternative to buying professional software or hiring a specialist.

Promising initial results: TikTok conducted several tests with Vimeo, where participants were able to double the number of videos created in a given period of time. The click-through rate has also increased by 50% on average. 85% reported successful results for their campaigns.

Not bad! Not bad at all!

Email Marketing and Why it’s So Important [Infographic]

Despite the age of social media, email remains one of the most important digital marketing channels for communicating with your audience.

So, we have prepared an infographic for you with the main stats and tips on email marketing and why it’s so important now.

Email Marketing and Why it's So Important.