TikTok continues to dominate in the app stores

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Main principles of Instagram Reels, the growth of ads pricing, TikTok which will never give its leading position up, tips to maximize your Instagram presence, and much more from the world of digital marketing in our new episode of the RGray Weekly Marketing Insights and News Digest.

  • There is something we have to know about Reels algorithms and Instagram lovely decided to help us with that. Check out the digest to understand the basics of Reels.
  • Last weeks we were all reported about the incomes of Internet giants. But why do these companies generate more money every three months? Read the digest to figure this out.
  • TikTok probably will never stop taking the leading positions in app stores. What are the predictions for this platform? Open the digest and find it out.
  • What are the basics to boost your Instagram presence? See the infographic our designers have prepared for you with the key tips.

Here’s how the Reels algorithm works

Instagram has just posted a video explaining how the Reels algorithm works at a high level.

Instagram has just posted a video explaining how the Reels algorithm works at a high level.

Rather than explaining the highlights of each factor, we’ve decided to analyze everything from the video and provide you with four actions you can take right now to improve Reels’ reach:

  • Encourage participation. Instagram decides which videos to show users based on actions such as likes, comments, and video remixes.
  • Get people to interact with your profile. Instagram takes into account the “history of interacting with the person who posted”. Therefore, if someone likes, comments, or shares one of your posts or Instagram stories, they are more likely to see your videos normally.
  • Popularity = more attention. Instagram takes into account your overall popularity when deciding whether to show your videos to other users.
  • Follow trends. Instagram has an algorithm that shows users more dog videos if they interact with dog videos, for example. If there is a tendency, for example, to play cute dogs, you can include that in your video to increase the likelihood of your drums showing up.

Reels are not for politicians: Instagram has stated that they do not show Reels about politics, political parties, or government officials. So if you’re in that niche, you might want to look elsewhere (ahem … Twitter?).

Ad prices are rising. Here’s by how much

Facebook, Google, Amazon, Snapchat. They all reported record earnings in the past week, thanks largely to their ad platforms.

Facebook, Google, Amazon, Snapchat. They all reported record earnings in the past week, thanks largely to their ad platforms.

Why are these companies making more money from advertising every quarter? Two things: more advertisers are flocking to them and advertising costs are increasing. Let’s talk about the latter.

BusinessInsider and MediaPost recently released data on how many ads spend is growing on major platforms, measured by average CPM:

  • Amazon: CPM rose 20% between Q1 and Q2, according to ad agency WPromote. The average CPM rose from $ 3.60 in February to $ 8.60 in May and June.

Measured, an ad measurement firm, also analyzed some of the numbers and found the following growth from last year on these 5 major social media platforms as of July 2021:

  • Facebook: 89% growth. The average CPM was $11.
  • Google: 108% growth.
  • Snap: 64% increase.
  • TikTok: up 92 percent.
  • YouTube: up 108%.

Oh oh …

What we can do about it: Keep our game on top by improving your ads, targeting, and staying on top of new ad platform features.

TikTok continues to dominate in the app stores

TikTok continues to break records.

TikTok continues to break records.

SensorTower released monthly stats for the most downloaded non-gaming apps for July, and TikTok took first place. Shocked? Probably no. This has been the case since February, making TikTok the world’s most downloaded app for the sixth consecutive month.

Making it into the top 5: According to this updated Wikipedia article, TikTok is currently the 7th most popular social media app with 732 million monthly active users (behind Instagram and WeChat).

Given how things are going, we wouldn’t be surprised if the app makes it into the top five by this time next year.

Key Tips for Maximizing Your Instagram Presence [Infographic]

If you want to grow your Instagram audience and maximize your app engagement, you need to start with the basics.

It takes time to build solid IG subscribers, but by embracing the basics and developing them, you set yourself up with the best opportunity to maximize your return.

We have prepared an infographic for you with key moments to consider to maximize your Instagram presence. 

Check out the infographic below.

Key Tips for Maximizing Your Instagram Presence.