Despite being a totally new player within the cryptocurrency industry, GoodCrypto found its way to success. Its innovative product – mobile app enabling full portfolio management on multiple cryptoexchanges – seamlessly connected with the variety of our services. Thanks to our fruitful cooperation, GoodCrypto received a promising digital marketing foundation that we grow and develop continuously bringing new clients in a geometric progression.
Daily Active Users
20 651%
increase in app downloads per month
months of cooperation

Services Used

  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Web Design and Development
  • Advanced Analytics Customization
  • Content Marketing Services and Graphic Design
  • On-Page & Off-Page SEO Packages
  • PR, Media Relations & Influencer Marketing Services
  • Social Media Marketing and Community Management
  • PPC Management
  • Email Marketing Funnel Creation
  • New Business Development

The GoodCrypto Goals

GoodCrypto has a great product that doesn’t only make trading easier, but also brings more opportunities to the table with innovative, one-of-a-kind trading tools. But even a product of this quality won’t promote by itself. GoodCrypto needed the entire specter of our marketing and web development services to build a solid marketing foundation and make sure that the World will hear about their mind-blowing product.

The Challenge

The crypto community is a tough nut to crack in terms of marketing and promotion. People get extremely protective and distrustful of any promotional messages when it comes to their personal funds, so we had to be extra careful to create a positive image for a brand new product. Moreover, GC had no marketing infrastructure, so we were to build everything from scratch. Even though GoodCrypto has a number of purely unique features, there is a couple of direct competitors sharing the main product feature. Taking into consideration the competitive environment and picky audience, we knew that the product of our client is truly superior, while our services are undeniably resultative. That is why we’ve set the expectations sky-high only to surpass them. So our main challenge was to both reach a new audience and prove that the GoodCrypto product leaves its competitors biting the dust.


appearances in the TOP 10 Google search results by highly relative keywords
Monthly Active Users
fold increase in Subscription Revenue
84 261%
growth in Traded Volume
89 000%
growth in the Number of Trades
“They were willing to dig deep into our product in order to really tailor their marketing work to our specific needs.”
Maksim Hramadtsou CoFounder, GoodCrypto

Considering the extensive RGray background in the cryptocurrency industry, we saw that GoodCrypto is special. While researching the product RG couldn’t have ignored its unique, valuable features that attracted not only from the marketing perspective. And we really mean it! No other competitor or exchange would compare with the trading functionality of GC, that is why half of our office is a part of the GC community. That was the spark that flamed our enthusiasm and inspired an exclusive marketing approach. It is so easy to work with a product that you love!

The RGray Solution

Strategic Marketing Planning

A goal without a plan is just a wish, isn’t it? Our cooperation with GoodCrypto started from turning the wishes of our client into attainable goals. RGray has created 4 buyer personas of cryptoinvestors and traders that would shape the communicational messages and channels in our future strategy.

While researching the market of cryptotrading apps, we’ve noticed that almost none of the competitors was advanced in SEO while the most relatable keywords had low search volume. The most highly searched ones were the branded keywords of our rivals. Our researches also noted that the market was almost not competitive in regards to SMM. In addition, we’ve gone through the paid traffic channels of the direct competitors. By finding and analyzing the unexplored by the competition sources, we’ve gathered by far the most efficient batch of paid traffic channels on the market.

The results of our research included an SEO strategy that would blow our unactive competition out of the water, engaging SMM management, promotional events (giveaways, etc.), retention inducting email marketing, and a clever PPC campaign that would be efficient even for a cryptocurrency-related business.

Web Design and Development

Using empirical data from our keyword research, we used some search inquiries to structure a sitemap and fill it with metadata further aiding the SEO of GoodCrypto. This way, we’ve prepared a draft of a website that won’t only be intuitive, but innovative as well. It is precisely why we’ve included a separate page for the GoodCrypto Liquidity Checker – a handy research tool that is particularly useful for Target Audience.

By finalizing the sitemap, we’ve passed it along with the buyer personas on to our UX/UI designer to visually and functionally stand up to the industry standards. By finishing the website mock-ups, our developer took the effort to implement the whole thing while taking into account the specific technical SEO instructions. That’s the backstory of the GoodCrypto Website. As expected, it turned out to be appealing for both users and Google Bot (along with the client, of course).

Advanced Analytics Customization

Setting up data tracking correctly is one of the most crucial factors in any kind of digital business. By succeeding a business would be able to empirically estimate the success or failure of its strategies. Setting up analytics is not that much of a big deal for a casual website. But it quickly becomes a nightmare when your business operates with multiple user channels that go beyond your website.

Multichannel Analytics is a relatively new topic on the Internet (with only 40 monthly searches globally). Therefore, not many multichannel guides are available on the Internet. Considering the fact that GoodCrypto needs to track both the application and website, it served as one more reason to continuously cooperate with RGray.

We’ve figured out how to set up 25 metrics that would arm GC with data. In the process, we’ve faced a hideous task: to figure out how to track a user through its journey that starts from the website, leads to AppStore/PlayStore, and ends in the actual application. Despite the infamous technology, we’ve managed to gather and organize the most essential data to optimize the GC strategic development.

Content Marketing Services and Graphic Design

Our creative incentives didn’t end on web design! By the day of writing this case study, RGray has delivered 21 high-quality, industry-specific content pieces. Those are not for our personal expression though! The content is used to extend our audience, who uses search engines to find information (GC’s entire audience, to be exact). The GoodCrypto blog is the result of the cooperation between skillful copywriters, deliberate SEO marketers, and tasteful graphic designers under the management of our content specialists.

By fully utilizing our content strategies (Competitors’ Keyword Interception, Weekly Digests, and Educational Content) we have extended the reach and value of our client’s website. Moreover, the posted content helps to grow and nurture an already-existing audience.

On-Page & Off-Page SEO Packages

GoodCrypto got the best of SEO by implementing both On-Page and Off-Page practices. Back at the strategy stage, we’ve already built a solid base for further SEO-related advancement. It starts with a Semantic Core assemblance (SC), where we collect a selection of highly demanded, relative keywords to distribute across main web-pages, build a content plan, and use for future linkbuilding.

Quality On-Page SEO demands experience and cross-functionality. You don’t only have to understand what keywords should appear on your website, but also where. It includes the actual strategic positioning of the keywords, as well as technical optimization. We work hard to bring the websites we are working on to the best shape in terms of user experience and Google Bot credibility. This way, we multiply the possibility of breaching into the TOP 10 search results.

But all of our On-Page efforts would have been in vain if not for the Off-Page SEO activities. Off-Page Search Engine Optimization includes activities that happen outside of your website. Those activities could also be labeled as Link Building – a sophisticated process of acquiring links to your website.

The more links lead to your page, the more credible this page is, but in reality, it is much more complicated. A surge of wrongfully picked keywords would only harm one’s SEO. RGray uses a combination of Crowd methodology, Guest Posting, and Press Releases to get a variety of valuable links fast. The press releases alone were posted on authoritative platforms such as You can judge our approach yourself by looking at the empirical data: consider the growth of clicks leading to the landing page and see how it plays out by examining the rocketing of the following clicks that would lead to the product.

SEO-wise, this is just the tip of the RGray service iceberg. During our continuous cooperation with GC, we have even gone out of our way to contact the Google representatives with unfair indexing concerns, not to mention the numerous guest posting negotiations and outreach. The RG SEO goes beyond imaginable to bring results.

PR, Media Relations & Influencer Marketing Services

The Public Relations of GoodCrypto started at the stage of link building in the form of guest posts and press releases. Users of the websites that hosted our content further extended the GC audience, while the actual posts served as a legitimizer of our client’s brand. This practice also benefited SEO with quality backlinks. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

RGray also took the effort to partner GC with several professional trader teams and cryptoinfluencers on different platforms reaching credibility and brand awareness, but first of all – growing the GoodCrypto community. We are still working on further integrating our client into the cryptocurrency community. Any further developments are yet to be disclosed.

Social Media Marketing and Community Management

By achieving brand awareness and recruiting new users, we faced the task to retain them and build a community of GC evangelists. We have created social media accounts and individual content plans for each platform to regularly pump out relative posts.

By analyzing the target audience and its media consumption habits, we’ve suggested GoodCrypto to spread its word across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, prioritizing the letter as the core platform. In addition, GC has recently started conquering Reddit. In addition to that, there’s a Telegram group chat and a Medium blog.

The content plan was tailored to fit the cryptocommunity: a special blend for each platform that consists of industry news, analytical market data, giveaways, and memes. Our SMM efforts benefit not only the GC community but also extend brand reach, stimulate brand engagement, and aid website SEO. Every RGray service strategy is designed to enhance the other.

PPC Management

Paid promotion on the Internet is entirely different from its traditional predecessors. The difference is in the agile nature of digital advertising. The art of efficient promotion calls for PPC managers, who are keen on tests, experiments, and quick reaction.

GoodCrypto is continually having a hard time promoting its product on the biggest advertising networks: Google Ads and Facebook Ads. The reason for this is that it is not allowed to encourage venturous investments, even though GC is just a portfolio management application.

We battle non-stop for the rightful placement of display ads and experiment with messages, creatives, and networks to grow Conversions and lower Client Acquisition Cost. Our research extended to cryptocurrency advertising networks and Social Media making the targeting more accurate and increasing conversions.

Email Marketing Funnel Creation

Luring a user to your website and attaining his/her email address is a hassle, but growing this person into a client is a challenge. RGray has strategized a perfect funnel to lead a variety of user segments (segmented by in-app actions and filled forms: e.g. Home page form, Liquidity Checker form, Blog form, …). In addition, we have designed the email templates making connecting them with the GC Visual Brand Identity and granting a pleasing look.

The RG-designed email marketing funnels minimize the risk of losing potential clients. We enhance it with re-marketing qualities, increase Conversion Rate, and share content updates with subscribers to boost engagement. The entire sophisticated funnel is purposed to build trust and add value to every subscriber. RGray battles the contemporary stigma of spam emails and makes every letter count.

New Business Development

Marketing and PR aside, RGray also took the effort to help GC develop its business with networking, partnerships, and integrations. Our incentives extended to several new connections that not only helped to enhance the GoodCrypto name but also its actual product.

Among those, that were reached by us are NEM collaboration and integration, as well as integrations with Kucoin, Okex, and Credits. The letter ones, for example, aided the portfolio management functionalities bringing significant value for both parties (both GC and its new partners).

GoodCrypto Gains


All modesty aside, the GC that we know and love today would have never existed without RGray. The product of our client has finally found its audience and even built a growing community around it. All thanks to the complex but ever so efficient solutions, provided by the enthusiastic digital marketing team.

In sixteen months of cooperation, we have observed the rise of GC, a trading app that would change the everyday routine for nearly every trader. But it still feels like just a beginning… This time was enough to strategize, build, and develop a solid marketing foundation. But the house doesn’t end with a foundation, right? RGray is here to cooperate with GC to the point of constructing a skyscraper!

Our aim is to be on the side of GoodCrypto, when it breaches the barrier of being a start-up.

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