A truly revolutionary product within the cryptocurrency industry giving power to the investors and enabling trading directly from the software or hardware wallets. Thanks to our Lead Generation, even more traders can enjoy the benefits of using the ShapeShift platform and freely exchange their crypto assets without any KYC or giving up direct ownership to the Cryptocurrency Exchanges.
Digital Marketing Infrastructure items created
users generated
months of cooperation to build a lead generation system for the CIS market

Services Used

  • Digital marketing funnel design, 
  • Analytics & Remarketing infrastructure setup
  • Display advertisement creatives development
  • Onboarding email sequence implementation
  • Landing & “Thank You” page design
  • Paid traffic management & User Generation 
  • App interface translation into Russian

The ShapeShift Goals

ShapeShift – the world’s only zero-commission crypto trading platform – came to us with a mission to expand its audience from Americans & Europeans to include the CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Belorus, Kazahstan) crypto-passionate segment.

Their main goal was to test the Russian speaking markets and generate users –  increase the number of KYC verifications. More specific goals included the successful launch of the CIS Go-To-Market marketing strategy that consisted of the following:

  • Yandex display marketing;
  • Mytarget marketing;
  • VK social marketing;
  • Banner ads on the CIS Crypto Media platforms; 
  • Paid promotion Remarketing and Retargeting.

The Challenge

The ShapeShift international expansion department decision to make their move towards the Russian market is undoubtedly clever. Considering the Binance – leader on the global crypto exchange market – statistics that isolates its Russian audience as the most active one (7.33% of 23.42M daily visits) neglecting such a lucrative demographic would be a severe mistake. 

The Russians have an extremely positive perspective on crypto, as an outstanding 58.2% of surveyed Binance users actually believe that cryptocurrency will replace bank deposits. And despite the recent political drama surrounding blockchain technology, 77.5% still think highly of cryptocurrencies in regards to the economy. But invading such a market is not so easy of a task.

Russian socio-economic state and mentality are far from American or European. And it’s not only about the income. It calls for a deep understanding of its nature and demographic to craft the right messaging and to-the-point segmentation. That’s where RGray came into play.


Average CTR for Ad Creatives
Overdelivery of Email marketing Metrics (OR & CR)
Overdelivery of Customer Acquisition Cost (CaC)
bounce rate decrease

The RGray Solution

Digital Sales Funnel Design, Analytics & Remarketing Infrastructure Setup

Our marketing specialists have really outdone themselves by creating such a sophisticated, logical, and Russian-oriented funnel that resulted in more than a thousand user acquisitions. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to share the entire scheme, but what we can show is its outline – the funnel touches.

Here you can see that our funnel covers a number of stages starting from a successful ad banner encounter and finishing with an onboarding email campaign that is designed to push the KYC verifications. Further stages of our scope basically feature the technical funnel realization.

Every worthwhile user action was made trackable and exploitable thanks to the custom analytical tags (GA, Yandex Metrica) and remarketing infrastructure (VK, Yandex, Facebook pixels) that hold the entire funnel together like glue. This way, we’ve enabled elaborating remarketing techniques implementation that are based on the previous user actions playing the key role in determining the most relevant remarketing tier.

The RGray Solution

Display Advertisement Creatives Development

Our in-house creative team worked with the material that was mostly provided from the client’s side to craft the most tempting display ads that would spark the lead generation process by its messages and offerings. The visuals aided in communicating the soothing and liberating feeling in the prospects for which we are so thankful to our tasteful client.

Landing & “Thank You” Pages Design

Obviously, a unique audience needs a unique landing page that is why we’ve created two slightly different versions to fit all of the buyer personas without any additional backbreaking for the developer. The difference only lies in content, so the messaging would align better with the audience it was intended for.
The final version of the landing pages consisted of the SEO-optimized content, the most tempting CTAs, striking bullet points, deliberately picked messaging, an insightful FAQ, etc. A landing page truly worthy of a Russian audience.

The RGray Solution

Paid Traffic Management

The paid traffic was closely monitored and managed to be most efficient – the messages switch according to the remarketing tiers, the creatives and texts are always being tested to leave only the most effective ones. This way we’ve carefully managed the Yandex, VK, and MyTarget campaigns to bring the biggest results for the lowest price.

Onboarding Email Sequence Implementation

The email sequence was designed to be short and not too pushy. It was customized to keep the most interested users on the edge of their seats by correctly timing the letters judging by the lead’s actions and placing the right messaging. Though, the average Open and Click Rates of the funnel were higher than industry average, which are 20% and 8% respectively, thanks to multi-level traffic filtering performed throughout all the funnel stages. 

App Interface Translation into Russian

Of course, to better convert and retain the newly gained Russian users, we’ve translated the ShapeShift mobile app into their native language within 14 days. This way, the new and innovative technology won’t be so troublesome to understand and benefit from thanks to our copywriting efforts.

The ShapeShift Gains

During the period from February to May 2020, we had helped ShapeShift to build a lead generation system for the CIS market and generate 1131 users who have successfully got to the end of the funnel – connected their cryptocurrency wallets to Shapeshift. The CPA was slightly below the target one that is a clear indicator for scaling the test campaigns. 

We especially enjoyed cooperating with ShapeShift due to the product being so astoundingly game-changing. Thus, we take pride in introducing such technology to the Russian audience.

Do you also have a product that would stir entire industries? Maybe you would like to have some assistance in understanding and targeting foreign markets? Everything is possible if you have the right, result-oriented approach. Would you like to make sure for yourself? Book a free digital marketing consultation and learn how your business would benefit by cooperating with RGray.

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