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CER is a cybersecurity platform which aims to bring clarity into the crypto exchange market by separating transparent actors from bad ones. Crypto Exchange Ranks is the first complex real-time rating of crypto exchanges based on balance, liquidity, cybersecurity and community.

The Challenge

Considering the stiff competition in the crypto ranking niche, there were significant challenges associated with platform promotion, as well as user attraction and retention. Investors prefer to use popular resources like Coin Market Cap, Crypto Compare and other rivals of CER to get information about exchanges.

Members of the RGray team were faced with a task of creating, promoting and ensuring the success of the entire project having a moderate budget. To achieve success under such conditions, we had to think out of the box. We decided to start educating people by producing high-quality content; namely, researches and investigations of the exchange’s manipulations, security weakness, lack of liquidity, and spotlighting their negative effect on a common crypto investor.

Digital marketing services case study
Digital marketing services case study

The Solution

As part of our content marketing efforts, investigated the fake volume phenomenon inherent to many exchanges, and the market found it interesting and useful. The first commendation was made by CZ, a prominent figure and a top-rank influencer on the market - CEO of Binance.

Afterward, Forbes conducted inherent to many exchanges, and the market found it interesting and useful. a complex review of the case. Various tier-one media resources, such as inherent to many exchanges, and the market found it interesting and useful. CoinDesk , and other crypto media immediately spotlighted the case in their news feed.

From effort alone, we received attention from 3 million people, 15 publications in targeted Tier 1 and 2 media, 4 Youtube videos made by bloggers, 3,000 users, 4,500 blog subscribers, and many cooperation requests from various companies and future Clients.



Publications by global tier-one media


High-traffic videos by top-tier youtube influencers


People made aware of the brand within a week


Subscribers to the blog and newsletter within the first month

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Digital marketing services case study



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Digital marketing services case study



A platform offering comprehensive tools for Instagram analytics, audit, content management, automated engagement and ultimately - hands-free profile growth powered by a sharp, professional Brand Identity and Business Design, delivered by brand development company RGray.

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