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The mobile application enabling users to trade, manage and track their portfolio on multiple exchanges from one place. The company is based in the US. One of the most valuable mobile apps for crypto traders and investors worldwide. RGray has helped the Good Crypto founders to spread its value around the world by building a solid marketing foundation for their startup.

The Challenge

There is a myth that really outstanding products market themselves. But in the majority of cases, it isn’t so. To succeed in any activity, you need a strong foundation, operational order and strategic vision. The same works for marketing and getting traction for your product. Perhaps, it’s one of the reasons why 90% of startups fail during the first year of existence (Forbes). But there is another way.

The Good Crypto is a cryptocurrency portfolio management and tracking app that used by enthusiasts for day trading purposes on multiple exchanges. The app is unique in its nature as it has features that aren’t represented by its competitors on the market. The most obvious use case is that any user can utilize advanced trading functionality and real-time analytics on the 24+ most popular crypto exchanges, even if this advanced functionality isn’t available on some of these exchanges. Also, the app is multi-platform and can be used on iOS, Android, and Web. In other words, it’s a piece of cake for an active cryptocurrency trader or investor.

Considering the huge potential and complex value provided by their product, the founders of Good Crypto decided to make their marketing perform in the same manner and with the same vision. They decided to build a solid marketing foundation for their business before starting the marketing rush and spending thousands of dollars on advertising.

But how to do that? How long would it take? From which point to start? Who to hire? And how not to overpay for dozens of marketing activities and items? RGray helped the founders answer all these questions by providing only one solution...

Good Crypto Digital marketing case study
Good Crypto Digital marketing case study

Good Crypto Digital marketing case study

Good Crypto Digital marketing case study

Good Crypto Digital marketing case study

The Solution

Our team helped the Good Crypto by building Advanced Digital Marketing Foundation covering all basic marketing activities.

  1. Research & Strategy: Our cross-functional team conducted demand research based on keywords, analyzed the main direct and indirect competitors, and then, formulated a marketing strategy, semantic core, content & SMM plan, and designed a digital marketing funnel for the future lead generation process for the Good Crypto app.
  2. Web Design & Development: Then, together with the stakeholders, we designed a website based on the demand research and funnel we architected. This stage means the design and development of website pages, as well as the creation of SEO friendly content for it. To ensure the incentives for lead generation and the future influx of Organic, Social, and Referral traffic, our team has worked out several important functional sections. The first one is the USP page - Liquidity Checker - the FREE research tool providing significant value for the target audience (TA) of Good Crypto. The second one is the educational Blog, where we posted 3 high-quality articles with graphical material on 2 languages according to findings in our demand research. It’s aimed at increasing brand awareness by enlightening the TA on popular crypto topics and gathering Organic and Referral Traffic for the company website through Google.
  3. Digital Marketing Infrastructure: Then, our team set up the digital marketing infrastructure based on the functional requirements of the funnel we had architected. We customized omnichannel web analytics and email marketing tool. Created conversion-optimized emails. Along with that, we established profiles, content, and ad accounts on all popular social media in the Good Crypto industry. Then, one week after its release, we performed an On-page SEO audit of the newly developed website to fix minor issues and facilitate the growth of organic traffic. Now, all of that enables the company to not only convert the incoming traffic into subscribers with relevant segmentation but also track the performance to implement appropriate changes.

The Solution

  1. Digital Marketing Basics: After all these preparations, we performed one of the most crucial digital marketing activities - link-building. We gathered more than 150 links for the Good Crypto website, both RU and EN, from relevant niche resources like rankings platforms, blogs, forums, etc. Eventually, this facilitated the ranking of the company on Google. Thanks to this activity, the number of Organic Impressions, Clicks and Conversions is constantly growing over time, with Conversion Rate - 21%, and Bounce Rate - 39%.
  2. Operational Basics: As an icing on the cake, the RGray team prepared operational Check-lists for the key digital marketing processes like web administration, content creation, analytics, etc. The main goal of it is to enable the members of Good Crypto to utilize all the marketing tools and channels efficiently on their own in the future.
This scope of work concludes the creation of the Digital Marketing Foundation for GoodCrypto. Having all of the above in place and properly set up, they now have all the tools and resources needed to promote your product efficiently, tracking all the necessary metrics and having all the intersections between key marketing areas.

Good Crypto Exchanges Good Crypto Digital marketing case study Good Crypto Digital marketing case study



Keywords analyzed as a part of the demand research


Quality links gathered from relevant resources


Target Organic Impressions passively gained during the 1st month of operation


Conversions passively obtained during the 1st month of operation

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