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A Cybersecurity company from Eastern Europe, serving Clients across the globe. Having served over 100 Clients globally, Hacken has developed a recognizable brand in the industry. It all started, however, with the help of some of the members of RGray team.

The Challenge

With Hacken, the main pain-points were the absence of lead-generating tools and funnels, as well as poor online presence combined with low brans-awareness - the conditions which were making the company unfit for its objectives of acquiring investment capital at the time.

Given these challenges, the marketing stack was facing a goal of creating Inbound marketing funnels, establishing a company presence and creating strong brand awareness.

Digital marketing services case study
Digital marketing services case study

The Solution

Our marketing team implemented an inbound marketing approach to automate the sales process and ensure a stable influx of clients for cybersecurity services. Additionally, we’ve created the brand, renovated the website several times, created a blog and filled it with dozens of thematic articles.

Considering that information security is a complex B2B niche, we spent several months on finding the best strategy and the optimal set of tactics and tools, finally, we’ve managed to close 6-10 clients/month solely from the internet.



High-check clients closed through the Inbound funnel


Week-days to set up and launch a complex renovated website with enhanced branding


Dedicated community members


Satisfied clients

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Digital marketing services case study


Crypto Exchange Ranks

CER is a cybersecurity platform which aims to bring clarity into the crypto exchange market by separating transparent actors from bad ones. Crypto Exchange Ranks is the first complex real-time rating of crypto exchanges based on balance, liquidity, cybersecurity and community.

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Digital marketing services case study



The founders of the BitQuant Exchange are dreamers and strong advocates of FinTech products. They strived to create a unique product among the hundreds of others that originated during the recent blockchain “gold rush”. We were asked to create an organic identity, a state-of-the-art product and structure the company’s digital infrastructure - and all of that under a constrained timeline of two months.

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