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RGray provided research-based digital marketing including Branding and WebDev, SEO, SMM, and influencer marketing. After investigating market competitors and target audience segments, we’ve launched a registration campaign.

The Challenge

Presented with an idea from scratch, we had to develop a strategy of bringing it to the post-MVP stage, having relatively small resources.

An urgent need for comprehensive research, product design, calculation of future projections and profitability estimates, as well as an appealing, unique and a powerful Brand Identity.

Digital marketing services case study
Digital marketing services case study

The Solution

Comprehensive market research - full break-down of the competition, the features they offer and the addressable market. The result - over a dozen large-size documents which provide intelligence-level insights and prepare the client for any course of action. Brand and Identity development - we’ve created a sharp, professional and unique brand. Memorable, one-of-a-kind appearance in both dimensions: on the web and offline.Product design. With the end-user in mind, we've combined every option available on the target market into a single, simple yet sophisticated SaaS product and oversaw the process of its development.


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Digital marketing services case study



A distinguished eCommerce shop for Ballet wear, and the first company to take fashion designers and ballet dancers to co-create for both genres and learn each other's aesthetics. We’ve delivered a state-of-the-art technical audit of Zarely’s Digital Infrastructure, which included five comprehensive chapters.

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Digital marketing services case study


Ali Exchange

A cryptocurrency trading platform for users in over 130 countries around the world. The founders of AliExchange needed a new, stylish website appearance meeting the latest design trends with a clear interface and convenient structure, as well as quality code structure for convenient scalability and subsequent renovation of the website - basically, a Front-End renovated from scratch.

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