Leafarise is an assistant app for gardeners, targeted at users from the US, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. The competitive edge of the application is combining all the essential for the gardener functions on a single eye-pleasing screen. Furthermore, Leafarise will give its users an opportunity to create a virtual version of their own garden on their phone.


analyzed competitors


different brand metaphors to choose from


different brand names to choose from


different concepts of visual identification

The Challenge

The client had requested the RGray team to develop a brand name, logo, and foundation. Beginning with naming, the main task was to create a unique word that will be catchy, easy to pronounce, and stand out from the competitors.

Moving to the logo and the app icon, it should be recognizable, bright, relative, and different from those of the competitors. Right at the stage of discussion, the decision was made: not to use the green color. It was already overused by clients and seemed too obvious.

This was what the team started to work on.

Leafarise branding case study
Leafarise branding case study
Leafarise branding case study

The Solution

First of all, the team began from the research stage. 21 direct clients have been analyzed and 4 main app categories have been created: Garden journal, Gardening community, Gardening infobase, and Plant ID.

The target audience analysis helped us to understand and create 1 main and 2 additional buyer personas. The main target audience is 35-45 years old women living in the suburbs or away from the city and possessing their own garden.

An overall market assessment was made after putting together the analysis of competitors and target audience. Some additional suggestions on product development were made.

Right after establishing the fruits of the research stage, the RGray team proceeded to the creation of the brand metaphor. 5 completely different concepts were introduced. The client’s choice has fallen to “Care Farming”. The meaning of this metaphor is as follows: by growing plants and doing gardening, the user grows as a person, developing such characteristics as care, diligence, and patience. After establishing the chosen metaphor it became clear that the application doesn’t only simplify the gardening process, but also helps with self-development. This idea had become the base for the incoming name and logo creation process.

The Solution

The client received 6 different names for consideration, from which he chose “Leafarise”. It successfully combines both relevance to plants and nature with self-development. After confirming the name, we started to develop the slogan to clearly underline the brand essence. The client looked through the 6 offered options and chose “Immerse into thriving”. In this particular slogan, the word “thriving” has 2 meanings: thriving of one’s personality and thriving of a living plant. It is directly linked to the brand metaphor.

After all, the verbal components of the brand have been approved and the team has moved to the development of the visuals: logo and icon. With the client’s wishes taken into consideration, he received 4 concepts to choose from. The most symmetrical, light, and bright option became the app’s logo and main icon.

This scope of work helped our client to better understand the market, prioritize the feature development roadmap and determine the relative positioning of the product both on the market and on the user’s screen. On a large scale: services offered by RGray in this scope have established a great foundation for the future development of the Leafarise brand. On a smaller scale: the logo and icon design offered by RGray will help to determine the style and update the app’s design.

Leafarise logotype Leafarise icon

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