When new firms enter a perfectly competitive market, what is the strategy?

Must-have elements for your Go To Market strategy for the US market

What is the simplest way to enter a foreign market? Lots of executives have cracked their heads in search of the best answer to this complicated question. We have a strong theory that pursuing multiple market segments at the same time is the best way to enter new markets.

With this Ebook, you will get the elements of the strategy for a company entering new market:

  • Must-haves for a company entering new market

  • An overview of the US Market for SaaS platforms

  • Segmentation of potential users

  • Battle-tested User Acquisition strategies for SaaS solutions, both in B2B and retail sector

  • A check-list of metrics and KPI’s any SaaS business should track

  • Go to market strategy example

  • What is a go to market strategy

  • Sales strategies examples


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