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As a strategic branding agency, we will create a unique, outstanding and high-level identity, visual items and web elements for your business. Bespoke creativity, experience and the ability to turn elaborate concepts and ideas into engaging, interactive and appealing visuals are how we deliver value to our partners.

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Entrepreneur building a startup

You need Brand Development, Digital Identity and Web Design to launch a new skyrocketing product or company.

Senior Executive at a well-established business

You want to renew and refresh an existing identity, website or an e-commerce platform to make it more user-friendly and converting.


You want to express the nature of your business with excellence, in a meaningful way.

Serial Entrepreneur

Are you launching a new project in a competitive market? Your branding should be unique and better than that of competition, and that’s where our expertise shines.
Our services

Penetrate People’s Minds with RG Branding Services

Full Branding
Achieve authenticity, in-line communication, and visual differentiation. Build your new brand from scratch with a carefully thought-out strategy and an outstanding identity.
Refresh your brand by implementing certain corrections that will give you a competitive advantage. Make it feel more relevant to the target audience both visually and semantically.
Visual Identity
A great short-term solution to quickly develop a basic visual identity and a brand system that will unify your image with solid visual communication.
Are you a cybersecurity provider names “London Cybersecurity”? Then you urgently need to rename your brand! RG eliminates generic namings and refreshes the outdated ones.
Our process
If your goal is to build an outstanding system, it can only be achieved by following these steps:
step 1

Research stage

We deeply research the target market and the product to determine the most relevant and accessible segments. By determining the Target Audience, we dive into it, analyze the direct competitors’ communication, and create a core buyer persona that would represent our key client.
step 2

Brand model & Verbal Identity

After researching the environment in which the future brand would communicate (industry, TA, and competitors) and considering a brand strategy, we collide the two into a Brand Model that serves as a substantial base for further development. Consequently, we use it to create a Verbal Identity.
step 3

Naming & Slogan Creation

By approving the Verbal Identity, we move on to conducting 2 separate extensive series of brainstorming sessions to present you with several variants of possible names and slogans related to the Brand Model. You only need to choose what fits your vision of the brand best.
step 4

Design research & Design Approach

By establishing the final stages of verbal communication development, we segway into the visual messaging. At this stage, we analyze the competitors’ design and provide you with several mood boards filled with references to determine an approach to developing your Visual Identity.
step 5

Design Concept

This is the last stage of Brand Development, which covers the visual identity creation process. By creating a new Logo and the overall stylization, we confirm it with our client and apply it to the corporate merch, website, and other brand touchpoints.
step 6

Brandbook creation

At this stage, we create an approachable set of rules and guidelines to using the newly developed Brand Identity. This document is the embodiment of your new Brand and could be used by any designer or copywriter to create coherent, systematic, and branded communication.
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