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Secure any type of funding for your business – from VC, Growth, Debt or complex convertible options

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We understand your needs if you are:

An Early-Stage Startup

Have an excellent business idea you can execute on? Contact us and we’ll provide you with business funding services of any kind.


If you’ve shown good early traction and are in the process of raising the Round A, then we have people interested in you.

Growth Capital

Your business is mature, stable and consistently profitable? Then it’s just the right time to expand, and we have the right business finance solutions.

Debt Financing

Need capital, but want to retain equity? Good for you. We’ll lay out a detailed plan with several options for global funding and make the process hassle-free by preparing all the documentation needed.
Our Cases


A platform for Instagram promotion
In the case with Influx, we were able to compose a set of key documentation which highlighted the project’s commercial potential and re-defined the concept into an attractive offer for any investor. $500,000 of seed funding raised in just two months.


A multi-product digital asset exchange
Working on BitQuant, RGray and its partners have successfully delivered over $1.5 million in the space of seven weeks.
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Our Approach
The same process – different approaches to every stage
step 1

Pre-Seed and Seed Capital

Having gone through this path ourselves, we’ll make the road from the inception of your idea to first funding simple for you. Optimize the costs of MVP, help you find the balance between being Venture scalability and product-market fit and ultimately – make your project investment-attractive.
step 2

Post-Traction and Round A

If your product has already found a market-fit, has its initial user-base and the company can scale stably – you’ve come to the right people. We’ll tell you which metrics to highlight and introduce you to people waiting to hear your pitch.
step 3

Growth-Stage Capital

When stars have aligned and your key metrics are consistently pointing upwards, aggressive growth is the way to go. With RGray, you will be put in contact with individuals who can both inject the capital and scale to a unicorn size.
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