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Affordable SEO services that deliver outstanding results

RGray marketing brings a new life to search engine optimization, offering affordable SEO packages to any company. Regardless of your geographical location, we will deliver dedicated SEO services, localized and tailored to your needs.


We understand your needs in off-page and on-page SEO services:


Organic traffic

You’re looking to increase the influx of targeted free organic traffic and need a team of professionals who are able to build a strategy and execute on it

Higher ranking on Google

Your goal is to outrank the competitors in search results to increase your organic traffic while decreasing their

Semantic optimization

You’re unsure if the content of your website accurately addresses the needs of the audience, and would like to check that.

Quality link-building campaign

You need to enrich the link-mass of your website with quality, targeted and efficient backlinks from websites with high authority


Crypto App
The SEO effort that we have put into GoodCrypto had an enormous backlash. The first month alone covered more than 6700 analyzed keywords, that we deliberately picked though to leave just the cream of the crop. Our pristine SEO strategy proved to be massively successful after reaching more than 5000 impressions and 121 conversions (again, just for the 1st month alone!).


Cryptocurrency Payment Processor
RG helped CycleBit to make cryptocurrency one more step closer to our casual everyday life by increasing its website traffic by 7.6 folds! We did our best to find the most relevant and the least competitive keywords to put CycleBit at the TOP position in several industry-related Google Search inquiries. It took us only two months to implement a profound SEO foundation making CycleBit reimagine its marketing.
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Our Process
step 1

On-page SEO

We exercise a novice, LT-LF approach to on-page Search Engine Management, which yields quicker and better results for your search rankings.
step 2

Semantic Core

To ensure the content on your website is of the highest quality, you need to create a sophisticated semantic core, which will ensure that anything said on its pages directly addresses your customers’ needs.
step 3

Quality Linkbuilding

Unlike many, RGray provides affordable search engine optimization services, while maintaining high levels of sensitivity to budget allocation and ROI on your marketing expenses.
step 4

Full SEO service

To unlock the full potential of having organic traffic on your website, we offer custom SEO services to each client. It will ensure that we have a creative, yet efficient strategy to make your customers find you by themselves easier.
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