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RGray offers a remarkable suite of services that will take your ICOs and IDOs to the next level. Do not expect us to follow generic marketing tactics – you want to dominate the market, don’t you?

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IDO & ICO Strategy Development

Having conducted thorough market research, we develop a bespoke strategy to meet your business objectives. An innovative and data-driven marketing plan is the backbone of your project’s growth.


95% of projects launching ICOs neglect performing SEO at all and just publish a site, some are even hidden from Google and can’t be found by search engines. By replicating what’s already been working and avoiding what’s been not, we are able to siphon search traffic from any competitor or brand and redirect it to you. That’s how we create a killer image for your project.

Email Funnels Creation & Implementation

Developing and launching email marketing funnels to generate leads and retain your target audience. Expand your business reach, add value and increase the profitability of your token.

Telegram Community Management

Communities foster trust and serve as an excellent opportunity to raise funds. We create and manage a genuine and devoted community that will generate interest around your ICO and IDO projects through continuous communication and engagement.

Social Media Content Creation

The promotion of ICO & IDO profiles on the essential crypto community social media platforms will ensure that your target audience is aware of your project’s existence and its outstanding achievements in the crypto world. Furthermore, we keep your clients and prospects informed and regularly updated.

Cryptocurrency Branding Design

Our experienced team will help you craft your brand image whether you are an already established company or a small start-up. In addition, we will ensure that your organization’s message and vision align across all platforms appealing to the audience you are willing to target.

IDO & ICO Growth, Ambassador and Bounty Program Promotion

IDO & ICO growth campaigns to raise funds and get traction for your project. It significantly boost word-of-mouth advertising, allows you to gather valuable feedback, and grow your follower base. We create, implement, and manage automated Growth Marketing Systems that enabaling you automatically grow your community and its engagement rate in the long-run.

Media Traffic & PPC Cryptocurrency Campaigns

RGray goes above and beyond to ensure that each campaign drives the best ROI and achieves the highest conversions with the lowest costs possible. All Pay-per-click campaigns are designed to obtain traffic from all corners of the crypto world.


Well-strategized press releases and in-depth articles about your product and brand on respected platforms will provide the foundation for future growth and brand awareness. Improve the credibility and exposure of your ICO & IDO being presented to the right people for long-term relationships and high conversions.

IDO & ICO Influencer Marketing

The integration of crypto influencers is considered one of the most trustworthy techniques in terms of digital outreach and traffic generation on the market today. Let industry opinion leaders spread the word about your project, build trust and directly connect your brand with the audience.

ICO & IDO Platforms and Launchpads Connection

Gain high-level brand exposure, build credibility and reach out to your potential institutional and retail investors by listing on the leading crypto launchpads and listing platforms.

Marketing an ICO & IDO Project

Our Workflow
step 1

Project Discussion

First things first we organize a discovery meeting, discussing all the details needed to create a custom-tailored marketing strategy for your project. This phase is paramount – that’s where we define the strategic direction of your project that aligns with its business goals and fundamental company objectives. It’s also high time to determine estimated schedules, resources required, and a brief description of tasks waiting ahead.
step 2

Gathering All Digital Marketing Analytics in One

Based on the extensive in-depth study of your ICO or IDO, we develop a solid customized marketing strategy that focuses on lead generation, investor conversion, and retention. As a result, stand out from the competition.
step 3

Implementing IDO & ICO Marketing Strategy

The execution phase is where all the magic happens – your token is firstly introduced in the market through PR campaigns, regional and international influencers, PPC & paid marketing channels, social media communication, email marketing, and search optimization. And after its successful implementation, our experts will evaluate the performance of campaigns executed, get the valuable insights, enhance the overall marketing system, and make sure our efforts are applied in the right direction during the subsequent campaigns.
step 4

Post ICO Marketing

Post ICO marketing is the last but not least phase of your project’s lifecycle. Once we’ve successfully launched your ICO, it’s time to kick in with the post-ICO plan. Its primary purpose is to expand your community, boost your token’s value gradually, and consistently enhance your brand exposure. Post ICO phase is as critical as the previous ones – it’s where we prove the quality and sustainability of your project.
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