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Within the realm of SaaS business, nearly every allocation of digital marketing funds converges toward a singular objective: compelling prospects to commit to your software platform, be it through a demo, free trial or a paid subscription. The only goal is increasing MRR, and we clearly understand that. By systematically nurturing leads, we pave the way for their transformation into loyal users, not only solidifying their connection with your brand but also ensuring a seamless transition along their customer journey.

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Our SaaS SEO agency uses cutting-edge traffic generation techniques to drive as much organic traffic as possible to your website. In terms of Paid Marketing, we use a data-driven approach to constantly increase CTR, and CR throughout the funnel.

SaaS Content Marketing

With a keen understanding of your industry, niche and product, we craft compelling and always optimized SaaS content that drives traffic, converts users and reinforces your brand’s authority.

SaaS Email Marketing

Discover the power of SaaS email marketing in driving new revenue, up-selling, and retaining users with proven lead nurturing and conversion strategies for manual and automated funnels.

SaaS Branding

We develop a unique brand identity either from scratch or using your basis to create a system that will ensure visual and emotional associations with your brand.

SaaS Inbound Marketing

Our team of experts design a custom-tailored Off-page strategy for your product, creates semantic-relevant content, secures links from reputable and contextually relevant websites of different types to drive organic traffic to your web pages and enhance your brands’ online presence.

SaaS Link Building

Our team of experts design a custom-tailored Off-page strategy for your product, creates semantic-relevant content, secures links from reputable and contextually relevant websites of different types to drive organic traffic to your web pages and enhance your brands’ online presence.


Firstly, we clarify your positioning and PR goals. Then, our in-depth articles and press releases posted on reputable websites will generate buzz and positive exposure, conveying your message to the target audience and making your SaaS brand a topic of discussion among industry experts and potential users.


With a focus on inbound content and community-building strategies, we ensure your SaaS platform is mentioned and appears in the relevant discussions. The overall goal of these activities is to increase your brand awareness and generate new users from Social Channel.

SaaS Digital Marketing Agency


Introduction: A little intro ahead – GoodCrypto is a revolutionary trading platform that enables investors to manage their entire crypto portfolio across multiple exchanges seamlessly without leaving one app.

The Challenge: One of the biggest challenges of every crypto trading platform is high churn rate. Many customers discover the product, give it a try, but don’t ultimately commit to becoming paying users. On top of that, we’re up against some tough competition. Despite having some unique features, there are a few direct competitors offering similar core functionalities. The complexity of the task is further compounded by the inherent caution within the crypto community regarding marketing messages concerning their personal finances. Building trust is absolutely vital in this space. Because of these challenges, we’ve had to be extra careful and plan our marketing activities strategically.

The Solution: RGray devised a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for GoodCrypto, blending various tactics in the fields of On-page & Off-page SEO, PPC, content marketing, crypto PR, influencer marketing, email marketing, business development, and SMM. The journey began with an exhaustive analysis of GoodCrypto’s target audience and a deep dive into their product and competitive landscape, identifying key trends and growth points. Armed with these insights, we embarked on a strategic planning phase, meticulously crafting and building a solid marketing foundation for GoodCrypto.


appearances in the TOP 10 Google search results by highly relative keywords
Monthly Active Users
fold increase in Subscription Revenue
84 261%
growth in Traded Volume
89 000%
growth in the Number of Trades

Since the RGray team crafts end-to-end SaaS marketing strategies, we will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

step 1

Setting objectives

This stage serves as our foundation, where our collaboration begins. We immerse ourselves in your product details, industry specifics, timelines, and goals. This information fuels our comprehensive market research and competitor analysis, helping us identify the course for differentiation. We then create a detailed buyer persona, delving into aspirations, challenges, and behaviors, enabling us to shape strategies that deeply resonate. Essentially, this process is the cornerstone upon which our strategic journey is built.
step 2

Developing a SaaS marketing strategy

Leveraging the insights gained from prior research, we curate an all-encompassing marketing strategy tailored to your distinctive requirements, defined objectives, and allocated budget. Our strategy is a mosaic of diverse approaches, integrating content marketing, social media engagement, SEO optimization, PPC, PR and our customized tactics. This synergy ensures a consistent brand presence across diverse platforms and maximizes your visibility within the SaaS landscape.
step 3

Strategy execution

With our meticulously crafted marketing strategy in place, the most pivotal phase unfolds – we dive into action. Through personalized interactions and tailored content, we create a foundation upon which lasting relationships are built, driving the conversion of leads into devoted customers. The wheels start to get in motion: content is being composed, email funnels are taking shape, paid advertising campaigns are being set up, the website is undergoing search engine optimization, social media is abuzz with engagement and interaction with your target audience, all while forging genuine and impactful connections.
step 4

Revising & Moving Forward

In the final phase of your marketing campaign, we begin to reap the rewards of our collective efforts by closely tracking the analytics to ensure that each movement aligns seamlessly with your predetermined goals. However, the significance of this phase is matched by the optimization process that follows – a critical step where we seek out opportunities for improvement and growth. This is where we dig deep to find ways to make your crypto marketing campaign even better, so it reaches more people and has a bigger impact.
Surge Past The Competition With Our Custom-Tailored SaaS Marketing Strategy
Surge Past The Competition With Our Custom-Tailored SaaS Marketing Strategy

What Our Satisfied Customers Say About Us

RGRay’s PR campaign was targeted and within the budget. The article they wrote about the game got picked up organically, increasing the game’s visibility. Moreover, they advised the client on their overall marketing strategy, defining the core direction of their marketing campaign for the year.

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Penguin Karts

RGray’s incredible work enabled the firm to secure their desired funding. Their timeliness and their marketing and cryptocurrency knowledge allowed them to maintain a strong partnership. Overall, with their remarkable performance, the client would like to collaborate with them on future projects.

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B2B Blockchain Firm

The advertising strategy and deliverables provided by RGray satisfied and even exceeded the expectations of their client, helping to begin ranking both more highly and on more competitive keywords. Their team was highly organized and deadline-oriented throughout the project.

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Crypto App

RGray helped the client expand their CIS audience and gain more users. The team was communicative and responsive to the client’s needs. The project leads were friendly and professional, and they demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the Russian market. They’re a team that can truly execute.

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Crypto Exchange
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