The Ultimate Marketing Whitepaper

10 Crucial Must-Haves For a Startup to Survive the First Year

90% of startups fail during their first year. Why? Read in the Whitepaper, don’t end up being one of them!

What are the Main Mistakes Founders Make in Digital Marketing for Startups? What is a Marketing Foundation and Why is it so Important for a Company Entering New Market?
The Whitepaper Covers:

Demand Analysis

Keywords Research, Crating a Semantic Core and Identifying your Competition in SEO

Competitor analysis

What are your rivals doing wrong, and how you can capitalize on that?

A step-by-step guide

A step-by-step on how to define success for your startup and build a Digital Strategy to achieve it


How to enter a new market?

Content Landscape

What is it and how to create one?

Branding Strategy

What will make your brand stand out and stick to your audience?

Measuring success or dying.

A crash-course on Digital Analytics

Marketing Funnels

How to perfect them and double the effectiveness!

On-page and off-page SEO

How to gain the first 500 backlinks organically?

Hang out where your audience is at

A personal guide to extracting value from Social Media marketing for startups


In addition, you will get a free presentation with a summary of the whole Whitepaper!

The Marketing Foundation is not rocket science. But having a proper one will strengthen your product and the overall competitiveness of your startup. While your marketing performance is facilitated by an outstanding GTM strategy based on data, you obtain free target traffic from an organic source and process it properly via well-thought automated Email funnel, your ROMI will skyrocket. To make sure that happens, grab this Whitepaper and a presentation now and avoid being one of the 90% of startups that fail in their first year!



Having significant experience in digital marketing of unique solutions, RGray will resolve all your FUNDAMENTAL problems in marketing. We will perform all the necessary activities needed to understand your market and users and then, build professional marketing infrastructure to attract your clients, analyze their behaviour and communicate with them to increase the VALUE of your product and the MRR.

Afterwards, we will develop policies for each marketing activity and provide you with further action plans. It will not only ensure the stable growth of your business without your excessive efforts but also will show you in which direction you should move and how.