XMAS Special

Solve all of your problems with marketing just for $4500


To get your startup fully packaged for 2020, we’ve assembled a full-scope package with ALL services - from lead generation to your online appearance, at 20% discount

Solve all We’ve included EVERYTHING a company could need in Digital Marketing into this XMAS Special Package, at a total cost of just


Package includes:


In addition, you will get a FREE Audit in one of those areas: SEO, SMM or PPC!


Having significant experience in digital marketing of unique solutions, RGray will resolve all your FUNDAMENTAL problems in marketing. We will perform all the necessary activities needed to understand your market and users and then, build professional marketing infrastructure to attract your clients, analyze their behaviour and communicate with them to increase the VALUE of your product and the MRR.

Afterwards, we will develop policies for each marketing activity and provide you with further action plans. It will not only ensure the stable growth of your business without your excessive efforts but also will show you in which direction you should move and how.