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The B2B segment is one of the most complex niches in most industries. How do we know this? That’s because, for over 4 years, we’ve been working in the B2B sphere ourselves, and during this time, we have successfully generated thousands of leads. Our team of marketing geeks is result-driven and attentive to details to ensure our clients always reach their goals. We go the extra mile to educate our clients during our cooperation to be on the same page and to make the process smooth. Regardless of your industry or business stage, RGary is the best choice of a business-to-business marketing agency to guide you toward expanding your enterprise, acquiring more leads, and elevating your overall performance.


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As a full-cycle digital marketing agency, we offer the following services:


B2B Branding

Let’s develop a powerful B2B branding strategy that matches your company’s mission and vision. We’ll craft a distinctive tone of voice, brand colors, and stylistics – to make your company memorable and achieve the desired perception of a brand.

B2B UX Design Services

Looking for a tailored website that is visually appealing, user-friendly, and created with the highest standards of web development? RGray’s got you covered! Our company specializes in creating websites that correspond to your specific business needs and incorporate the finest B2B UX best practices. A website that is appealing, eye-catching, easy-to-navigate, and provides the best user experience are some of our benchmark principles.

B2B Inbound Marketing

Our B2B inbound marketing agency will assist your business in building omni-channel funnels and sharing your mastery and professionalism via the content. Let us take care of blog articles, social media posts, and guides to present meaningful and valuable content for your target audience. Inbound marketing for B2B benefits in crafting unique brand equity, generating leads, and developing long-term relationships with potential clients.

B2B Social Media Marketing

Did you know that 97% of consumers use the Internet to find a service provider or product? That’s why B2B social media presence is so vital. Build brand recognition, highlight your services or products to other businesses, or network with the help of our proven B2B marketing techniques on social media. Promote your brand by collaborating with B2B influencers and communicating with potential clients through well-organized B2B community management.

B2B Content Marketing Services

We are committed to speaking your truth through professionally written and perfectly SEO-optimized engaging content that also aligns with the overall SEO strategy. Our experienced B2B content marketing agency aims to help you build trust with the target audience and establish yourself as an expert in your field while passively obtaining Organic Traffic.

B2B PR Services

At our B2B PR agency, we will help you spread the word about your business via the global and local media outlets of different tiers! Our bespoke B2B PR services will increase the number of your brand’s mentions, reach, and coverage. We’ll generate positive publicity through featured content in high-tier media, collaborative events, and interviews to present you as an expert in your industry. Our proactive communication in the media space is key to creating a buzz around your brand. As excitement around your project surges, the natural next step is to seize the opportunity by expanding your sales department and meeting the ever-increasing demand head-on!

B2B Email Marketing

Don’t neglect the power of email marketing for B2B! According to 59% of B2B marketers, email marketing is the most successful method for generating income. Our team will help you develop and launch email marketing funnels of different complexity and create engaging content for emails or newsletters. Additionally, our service entails the implementation of automated lead nurturing, sourced from a variety of channels. This approach helps build trust and increase brand loyalty step-by-step and, as a result, turn leads into customers. Our extensive B2B email marketing strategy will help expand your business reach, provide added value to potential clients, and retain your target audience.

B2B Ecommerce Marketing

As a B2B ecommerce marketing agency, RGray dedicates its efforts to expanding your customer reach and driving more conversions with the utmost effectiveness. By leveraging our best ecommerce B2B practices, we aim to drive website traffic, generate leads, and ultimately convert those leads into buyers, keeping the main goal in mind – increasing your company’s revenue.

B2B Technology Marketing Agency

B2B technology marketing can be quite tricky when promoting complex and robust technologies. Unlike consumer products, technology offerings require a more sophisticated approach to resonate with the target audience. Our team deeply understands the industry-specific nuances so we can effectively advertise technology products or services to the right audience base.

B2B Lead Generation Services

Our team implements best practices of B2B lead generation to attract potential business clients (leads) and nurture them to ensure that your business gets the most qualified leads that will convert into clients. With a professionally curated and easily adjusted B2B lead generation strategy, we can utilize channels with the most prospects in it and guide them down into a sales funnel.

B2B PPC Agency

Since an organic online presence takes time to build, PPC campaigns can be an effective shortcut to driving leads. Paid advertising campaigns are a great way to reach potential customers, drive more traffic to your website, and strengthen your online presence. We cover all existing channels, including Google, Meta, TikTok, Twitter, etc., and aspects of B2B PPC, starting from crafting compelling ads with persuasive CTA to tracking performance and optimizing results.

B2B SEO Services

Want your website to rank at the top search engine positions and get more organic traffic? Our result-driven B2B SEO agency is able to deliver that via a range of services, including Off-page and On-page SEO, content production and optimization, link building, technical SEO, and local SEO to ensure a stable influx of “passive” yet high-quality traffic to your business. RGray’s top-performing B2B SEO solutions combine time-proven methods with innovative approaches we discover and adjust as Google algorithm updates enroll.

One of the Best B2B Marketing Companies is at Your Service

step 1

Goals Establishment

During the initial consultation, we make acquaintance with your project or services, delving into industry details, desired timeframes, and expected results. Following this, we conduct the competitor and market research, audit the existing marketing strategy (if there is any), and compile the image of your buyer persona to gain valuable insights and generate ideas for future B2B digital marketing solutions that will be applied.
step 2

Strategy Development

Based on the previous research, we compile a comprehensive marketing strategy based on your unique marketing needs, established goals, and budget. Our tailored approach includes the full-cycle marketing strategy or marketing activities in specific fields: B2B influencer marketing, PPC B2B lead generation, B2B SEO service, B2B UX/UI design services, email marketing in B2B, and others. We are a result-driven company, so every action is fully focused on driving prosperity and success for your company.
step 3

Strategy Implementation

When we’re all set with a marketing strategy – the most crucial part begins: we dive into action, meticulously executing each element of the strategy to drive your business forward. The work is in full swing: writing the content, creating email funnels, setting up paid advertising campaigns, optimizing the website for the search engines, creating a buzz in social media, engaging with your target audience, and building meaningful connections.
step 4

Measurement and Evaluation

At this stage, we reap the benefits of our work. We evaluate each step and action, track analytics, review the performance metrics and KPIs, and present the full report of accomplished goals and results to gain valuable insights and ensure we are on track toward achieving our goals. Thus, only the sky’s the limit, we search fo


We’d love to hear from you.
Our team is ready to answer all your questions.


We’d love to hear from you.
Our team is ready to answer all your questions.

RGray is a Result-Driven B2B Digital Marketing Agency


Agency that Delivers

We provide exceptional marketing, SEO, and design services, helping you to reach your goals and make the most of your business opportunities. It’s this commitment to customer satisfaction that truly sets RGray apart from other marketing companies out there.

Tailored B2B Marketing Strategy

We reject a one-size-fits-all solution. Our customized SEO campaigns, design, and strategies for B2B marketing are designed to deliver an effective, long-term boost and help you reach your goals quickly.

Full-Service B2B Marketing Agency

Whether you need a full-cycle marketing strategy for B2B or a specific service, we are here for you to guide you through each step of the marketing journey. We provide extensive yet cost-effective marketing solutions with high-quality service to startups and businesses of all sizes and industries.

We Set Industry Standards

RGray is your go-to choice when it comes to marketing projects. Our experienced team includes competent professionals in areas such as SEO, promotion, design, and digital marketing, meaning that regardless of your goal, we can provide the perfect solutions.

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RGRay’s PR campaign was targeted and within the budget. The article they wrote about the game got picked up organically, increasing the game’s visibility. Moreover, they advised the client on their overall marketing strategy, defining the core direction of their marketing campaign for the year.

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Penguin Karts

RGray’s incredible work enabled the firm to secure their desired funding. Their timeliness and their marketing and cryptocurrency knowledge allowed them to maintain a strong partnership. Overall, with their remarkable performance, the client would like to collaborate with them on future projects.

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B2B Blockchain Firm

The advertising strategy and deliverables provided by RGray satisfied and even exceeded the expectations of their client, helping to begin ranking both more highly and on more competitive keywords. Their team was highly organized and deadline-oriented throughout the project.

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Crypto App

RGray helped the client expand their CIS audience and gain more users. The team was communicative and responsive to the client’s needs. The project leads were friendly and professional, and they demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the Russian market. They’re a team that can truly execute.

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