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Marketing management consultancy driving your business success

We dive into what you do to learn what drives your business. As a result, you get a custom-tailored digital marketing strategy that ensures positive ROI

let’s strategize


If you lack business growth, we as a marketing consulting firm provide complex marketing online advertising consultancy services and bring the actual market insights for businesses, should it be a startup or well-established organization. It includes everything from Competitor Research, 4P Analysis and Promotion Strategy to creating the Performing Marketing Strategy for your business. Rockstars from RGray Marketing will work closely with your team to distinguish your advantages and effectively communicate them to the market. If we’re not moving the needle for your entire business, then we’re not enjoying what we do.

Strategy Development

What steps do you take before your next leap in business? 

  • Know what the market wants and needs
  • Slice and dice your product idea.
  • Make others to understand what you’re releasing.
  • Come to RGray with raw idea: 
    We cook it, we brew it, and we make sure the public loves the dish and the chef.

The recipe is pretty straight forward:
1/2 cup – Making a story for your business
1/2 cup – Showing how to make the story happen.


Convertion rate optimization (CRO) is crucial for the success of digital marketing in general. All efforts are pointless if Your Customers Don’t Convert, right?

The goal for any owner is to drive qualitative traffic to his/her site and convert visitors to value benefiting a business.

Whether a conversion is a checkout in an eCommerce site or an inquiry form fill, email subscription or call properly funneling this traffic helps to reach business objectives.

Rgray is a major conversation rate optimization agency, therefore, CRO service is an essential part of every campaign we run.

Market Research & Competitive Analysis

It is relevant research and analysis of the direct and indirect competitors, market, innovations and consumers behavior. Means reliable review, opportunity analysis and reporting of useful data with key success business and marketing recommendations.

Project Audit

This is where we start. For a project or a startup, proper audit determines its future. We do complete SWOT analysis to evaluate and understand how your business works and what aspects your team needs to improve. We review your brand, strategy, marketing and business.

We are eager to ensure the constant enhancement of the FinTech industry and IT business world
There is no marketing department in your company or you lack an experienced marketing leader with a clear vision of what to do
You spend the budget with no clear vision, strategy and obviously, considerable results. You need fresh ideas to change the situation and ensure a positive ROI
You lack consistency in marketing operations and it’s difficult for you to manage it properly. You don`t need a full-time in-house team or you can’t afford it.
You approach marketing as a side-service and feel that you need to delegate it to professionals for achieving success Your want to focus on R&D, Operational Management, Sales, etc

We treat your business as though it’s our own!

Unlike many marketing strategy consulting firms, RGray believes that passionate, devoted people will help your business rule this out. We appoint marketing consultants that will be accountable for your project’s results as if it were their own lives. Project scheduling, control, execution, launch and closing. Resource allocation, distribution of tasks, time tracking. We make sure it flows as expected and required.
BitQuant Exchange
Founders of the BitQuant Exchange are dreamers and strong advocates of FinTech innovations. But the cryptocurrency market is a young one and it requires a specific launch strategy and usage of particular channels to get customers. Considering that, there were few strategic marketing consultants able to help BitQuant to become a rising star, RGray being one of them. We decided to kill two birds with one stone: find out in a new field and help the guys to make their dream to come true. Thanks to our role as a marketing product launch execution consultant, the company raised $4 million as a venture investment. Now they have more than 50 thousand of satisfied customers.
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