TOP NFT Influencers to Follow in 2024: DC, YT, TG, TW Edition

TOP NFT Influencers to Follow in 2024: DC, YT, TG, TW Edition

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs in short, have made a significant impact on the crypto world. Regardless of your experience in the crypto space, it’s hard to ignore the buzz surrounding these intriguing digital assets. Feels like catching a FOMO, that irresistible fear of missing out.

NFT expanded really quickly, and according to Statista, the NFT industry is expected to reach US $1,6 billion in 2023 with 18,55% annual growth rate. These numbers highlight the immense potential and interest in the NFT market. If you don’t know a hack about NFT, please accept my condolences and make haste to catch up on this subject. Why? Well, because by the year 2027, the expected number of NFT users is projected to reach a staggering 19,31M! To put that into perspective, it is equivalent to the population of Chile. Can you process the scale of it?

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So with the popularity of this segment, no wonder that NFT blogs and influencers NFT-related sprung up like mushrooms after the rain. In today’s article, we’ll show you the best NFT influencers and tell you why collaboration with them can skyrocket your NFT collection to the Moon. 

Who is an NFT Influencer?

Crypto NFT influencers are passionate individuals deeply immersed in the world of NFTs, actively sharing their enthusiasm and passion across various social media platforms. They are well-informed about upcoming/past/existing projects and provide insights and recommendations based on their subjective (important to note!) perspective. Not only do influencers own and promote NFTs, they also engage in discussions and express their opinions. 

Following top NFT creators (those who are recognized and established in the industry) can be fascinating as they possess extensive knowledge of the market and showcase their creative side. These influencers often cover a wide range of NFT-related topics, including upcoming collections, airdrops, NFT marketplaces, NFT events, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the crypto atmosphere. 

For NFT creators or individuals looking to promote their NFT projects, collaborating with famous NFT influencers can be immensely beneficial in terms of expanding reach and generating buzz. KOLs hold a trusted status in the eyes of their followers, making their perspectives highly influential. As a business owner, recognizing the value of this trust is crucial before initiating any marketing activities. However, selecting the right influencer for successful cooperation can be challenging. To assist you in this process, we have curated a list of NFT influencers worth following and considering for potential collaborations.

Top NFT Influencers on Twitter

Gary Vaynerchuk 

Gary Vaynerchuk

👥 Number of followers: Twitter – 3.1M; Instagram – 10M

CoinLaunch Profile

Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee) is an entrepreneur, investor, social media influencer, CEO of Vaynermedia and one of the biggest NFT influencers. In 2017 Forbes included him in the list of Top Social Media Influencers in the category of tech/business. Gary is an entrepreneur himself! He created his own NFT project – VeeFriends, where the NFT holders can attend VeeCon conference – to have fun, network, and exchange experience and knowledge of NFT and the metaverse. 



👥 Number of followers: Twitter – 348.3K; Instagram – 216K 

Farokh Sarmad is a very popular web3 enthusiast and NFT collector who possesses the ability to sway sentiment within the crypto community. Farokh posts news about NFT collaborations, new projects, and crypto-related tweets. Recently he released the first fully decentralized web3 media ecosystem – Rug Radio, a nice place to talk about investments and NFTs that has already attracted promotion inquiries from such leading big name companies like Uniswap, Ledger, Lacoste, and Givenchy.



👥 Number of followers: Twitter – 438.9K 

🔗 Website:

Pranksy is a famous and influential figure in the NFT, he is known for his substantial NFT collection, involvement in the NFT industry through his projects, and his efforts in fostering community engagement within the NFT space – by organizing events and meetups. Pranksy has also entered the NFT sector by establishing his own company, NFTBoxes, virtual boxes with NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.



👥 Number of followers: Twitter – 300.9K

First of all, this one of the most interesting NFT Twitter accounts for having an unusual profile icon, distinguished by a hexagon shape instead of the typical circular. CryptoPunks are a worldwide known NFT collection launched in 2017 by Larva Labs Studio, and they have gained significant recognition and adoption since then. Notably, several influential celebrities and personalities, including Serena Williams, Mark Cuban, Heidi Klum, Snoop Dogg, and Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, own CryptoPunks. Their prominence within the NFT community is a testament to their unique and collectible nature, contributing to their high value and popularity in the market.

Real Miss NFT 

Real Miss NFT

👥 Number of followers: Twitter – 164.1K

Real Miss NFT is one of the most popular female NFT influencers, she is a digital art enthusiast and a prominent figure in the crypto community. She actively engages in educating the crypto community through informative tweets and interacts with other influencers.
Real Miss NFT is recognized as a crypto artist and stands out as one of the few female NFT influencers. Her artwork is described as cutting-edge and innovative, garnering a dedicated community of followers who appreciate her creations. There is anticipation and excitement surrounding her work in progress, specifically the Metanatics project and its funky avatar creations in the metaverse. 

Real Miss NFT is known for her involvement in the crypto art space, her educational contributions to the crypto community, and her upcoming project that offers a unique metaverse experience through avatars and Web3 platforms.



👥 Number of followers: Twitter – 176.6K

Beanie is a highly influential figure in the NFT and crypto space, as well as a successful entrepreneur. Beanie has founded multiple startups, including Pixel Vault, Punks Comic, and Meta Hero, which are all related to the crypto industry. While he is involved in trading NFTs, the emphasis seems to be more on providing information and guidance to his followers rather than creating or collecting NFTs personally. He has one of the best NFT twitter accounts, @beaniemaxi, which is popular among users seeking advice on selling NFTs, investing in NFTs, and understanding how real-world trends impact the metaverse.



👥 Number of followers: Twitter – 250.6K

Deeze is associated with NEONDAO, a project that enables users to create detailed avatars with unique features in the metaverse. NEONDAO allows users to craft avatars such as wizards, warriors, and more, enhancing the user experience within the metaverse. He serves as the director of and engages with the community through DeezeFi. He is one of the prominent NFT influencers on Twitter and is known for hosting Twitter Spaces sessions, participating in various podcasts, indicating his willingness to share insights and knowledge within the NFT community and collecting NFT art pieces.

Top NFT Influencers on Youtube

Alex Becker 

Alex Becker

👥 Number of subscribers – 1.33M

Alex Becker as a key opinion leader with a YouTube channel boasting over one million subscribers. He has achieved remarkable financial success, reportedly generating monthly revenue of nearly $2 million through his projects in the NFT and crypto space. Alex Becker has a name as a businessman, writer, and speaker in addition to his YouTube presence. He runs Market Hero, a SaaS firm, and his book “The 10 Pillars of Wealth” has become a best-selling book on money-making tactics. He also became well-known for his Shopify training curriculum, which he created. Alex Becker also has a sizable Twitter account, with 863K followers, which broadens his reach and impact in the crypto and NFT sectors. 

WEB3 Revolution

WEB3 Revolution

👥 Number of subscribers – 210K

The channel, hosted by five NFT enthusiasts from Social Gains Media, a Web3 & Web2 Marketing Agency, breaks down and helps you comprehend digital art, metaverse, NFT gaming, cryptocurrencies and Web3. With a dedicated focus on delivering insightful reviews, this channel covers the hottest trends in NFT collections, metaverse games, meme tokens, and cutting-edge technology.

Ellio Trades


👥 Number of subscribers – 574K

Ellio Trades is known as the creator of Play Imposters and Super Farm, reflecting his strong engagement in the development of Web3 projects. He holds regular live Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with NFT creators and industry leaders, providing unique insights and opinions. What distinguishes Ellio Trades is his commitment to keeping his audience up to date on the recent shifts in the market. His informative content and passion for educating others make him a valuable resource for individuals seeking to navigate and understand the world of NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

CryptoCoins NFT Gaming 

👥 Number of subscribers – 114K

CryptoCoins NFT Gaming, hosted by William, who is also associated with Social Gains Media, is a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring the realm of NFT and blockchain gaming. This channel primarily focuses on educational content, aiming to simplify the complexities of a popular P2E concept. It provides detailed reviews of various NFT Projects and keeps viewers informed about current industry news and trends.

The team working on this channel claims to do thorough research and always double-checks what is said on the channel, although it’s essential to emphasize that viewers should conduct their own research to verify the information presented.

Giancarlo Buys Tokens

Giancarlo Buys tokens

👥 Number of subscribers – 107K

Giancarlo Buys Tokens – a YouTube channel that is solely dedicated to NFTs, making it a valuable resource for individuals interested specifically in this area. Some popular topics explored by this NFT influencer include discussions on free NFT tools, showcasing the top free NFTs available, and offering guidance on how to acquire a plethora of NFTs in 2023. By delving into these subjects, Giancarlo provides valuable information and advice to viewers looking to navigate the NFT landscape effectively.

Top NFT Discord Servers



👥 Number of members – 333.7K

Gary Vee, the founder of VeeFriends, is a well-known figure who has successfully predicted the significance of the internet and social media in our lives. He sees a similar potential in NFTs, which led him to start the VeeFriends project. The NFT Discord server features various categories and channels dedicated to different aspects of VeeFriends and NFTs. The “What-Is-Vee-Friends” category contains channels such as #Series-1, #Mini-Drops, and #Activations, which provide important information about VeeFriends Series 1, Mini-Drops, and activations. 

With a membership count of over 333K, VeeFriends is one of the largest Discord NFT servers communities for learning about NFTs and exploring their investment potential.



👥 Number of members – 238.4K

The OpenSea NFT Discord server is a vibrant community for NFT collectors who use the OpenSea marketplace. It serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking information and insights into the platform.

As one of the largest Discord servers for NFT and most popular NFT communities, the OpenSea NFT Discord server boasts over 238K members. The server offers a range of channels catering to different interests and needs. For example, there are channels dedicated to self-promotion, where users can showcase their collections, and a feedback channel where community-specific items can be discussed. The server also provides international channels in languages like Spanish, Italian, and Korean, ensuring inclusivity for users around the world.


Decentraland Discord

👥 Number of members – 170.6K

Decentraland is a pioneering user-generated virtual world built on blockchain technology. It offers a unique metaverse experience where users can explore, trade, and create digital assets. The platform empowers its community members through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), allowing them to have control over the virtual space. The significance of joining the Decentraland community lies in the multitude of events taking place within the metaverse. By joining this one of the top NFT Discord servers, you can stay informed about these events and actively participate in shaping the world’s largest alternate reality economy on the blockchain. Even for those not directly involved in the virtual realm, following Decentraland’s progress and exploring its potential showcases the innovative possibilities of blockchain technology and its real-world implications.



👥 Number of members – 39.9K

Upon joining the server, subscribers are prompted to answer questions regarding their interests and preferences. Based on the responses, new members are automatically assigned to various channels that cater to their chosen areas of focus. These channels encompass important announcements, valuable resources, entertaining mini-games, and a dedicated space for creators to showcase their artworks. What sets this platform apart from other NFT Discord groups, is its strong emphasis on education, which is effectively conveyed through its informative website. Users can access a wealth of relevant information that accelerates their understanding of NFTs.

Crypto Dads

👥 Number of members – 30.5K

Fatherhood and crypto are an unusual combination, but these guys managed to put them together in a unique and exciting way. Crypto Dads is a highly regarded Discord community dedicated to crypto and NFT adopters, with a particular focus on fathers. Members can have a wealth of valuable content, including trade calls for cryptocurrencies and NFTs, talk about new NFT projects or drops, and learn how to buy and sell NFTs profitably. 

Top NFT Telegram Channels

Metaverse | NFTs | News

This NFT telegram group is a great place to stay informed about the latest NFT news and events. Over 100K people joined the Metaverse NFT News group to be a few steps ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of NFTs.

CoinNews media | crypto | nft | defi • AI

The CoinNews media is a must-subscribe NFT Telegram channel with more than 30K subscribers for those interested in Non-Fungible Tokens, crypto, DeFi, and AI. Besides news about crypto world, they have 2 affiliated groups, NFT Community and OpenSea | NFT artist where NFT creators can share their digital assets and get a paid promotion.  


NFT News is one of the best NFT Telegram groups catering to the interests of NFT enthusiasts. With a substantial following of 139K subscribers, it serves as a hub for sharing information about NFT drops, reviews of various sites and marketplaces, insider tips, and the latest news from the industry.

Binance NFTs 

The Binance NFT Telegram Community is a public group where crypto enthusiasts gather to discuss NFTs within the Binance ecosystem. With an impressive following of over 65K members, this community provides a platform for engaging discussions about cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Nfts / Metaverse & More

Highly popular and trusted platform for NFT and crypto enthusiasts to stay informed about industry news, alerts, and top coins. Boasting an impressive subscriber base of 84K, this channel is a valuable resource filled with a wealth of useful information, updates, and insights. It serves as an excellent source for learning and staying up-to-date in the ever-evolving world of NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

How Top NFT Influencers Can Help You Skyrocket Your Project?

Influencers are aptly referred to as key opinion leaders (KOLs) due to their significant influence over their audience decision-making. These individuals demonstrate their extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of crypto, blockchain, web3, and NFTs through the dissemination of educational content, analysis of market trends, and the provision of insightful opinions and perspectives on upcoming projects and market conditions. As a result, their followers often look to them for guidance, placing trust in their assessments and being more inclined to invest in projects endorsed by their favored influencers. With a substantial and devoted fan base, influencers possess the ability to sway the sentiments of the broader public, and their community members often become passionate ambassadors and advocates for the influencer’s viewpoints and recommendations.

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the power of NFT influencer promotion for your project or as a creator! Collaborating with popular influencers can transform your project from being unknown and questionable to becoming well-known and highly desirable. Let these influencers share their positive insights and talk about your project to their engaged subscribers. This will generate interest, spark curiosity, and get people talking and wanting to learn more about what you have to offer. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to leverage the influence of NFT influencers and spread the word about your project! 

How to Find NFT Influencers for Promotion Purposes?

Engaging in influencer marketing NFT projects can be an effective advertising strategy, but it’s crucial to navigate potential pitfalls along the way. It’s not enough to simply book NFT influencers and hope for fantastic results! The key lies in carefully selecting the right Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), as making the wrong choice can result in wasted resources and even reputational harm. To ensure successful promotion, we have compiled some valuable tips for choosing the ideal NFT influencers for hire:

  • The number of subscribers can be deceiving, as follower farming remains prevalent. It is advisable to steer clear of influencers engaged in such practices. Instead, focus on measuring engagement. Keep an eye on shares, likes, comments, reactions, or views, depending on the social media platform. Generally, a respectable engagement rate is around one-third of the total subscribers, indicating genuine interest and active participation.
  • Was the influencer spotted in collaboration with questionable ventures? Become a digital bloodhound – investigate the influencer’s past collaborations to determine if they have been associated with scams. Sure, anyone can be fooled by the pretty cover – but repeated association with shady projects is definitely a red flag for cooperation with a particular influencer. 
  • Evaluate the influencer’s background and level of expertise. Would you rather follow the recommendations of a bored housewife posing as an NFT expert or a successful entrepreneur and seasoned NFT creator? There is no need to choose an imposter when there are numerous professional and trustworthy NFT influencers who possess genuine expertise in the crypto and NFT space, making their opinions highly valuable.

Now you’re well armed for detecting the perfect NFT influencer and launching successful advertising campaigns! Nevertheless, it’s important to recognize that these considerations are just a small piece of the puzzle within the larger landscape of variables that collectively define the trustworthiness of a specific NFT influencer. 

In the pursuit of identifying a trustworthy and suitable influencer for collaboration, the research process often demands a holistic and well-rounded approach, consuming both time and effort. As this search for the right influencer unfolds, we arrive at the need for a comprehensive solution that can gather and analyze influencer-related data, drawing valuable insights and conclusions from this wealth of information.

CoinLaunch stands as a prime example of a platform that can connect you with such influencers, providing an in-depth analysis and unbiased rating for each. Platform’s level of influencer’s review goes beyond mere numbers and statistics – it delves into the influencer’s association with industry investors/advisors/funds, supported projects, content quality, scam promotion etc.

Identifying a reputable influencer with a good track record of supported projects is a win, but who knows better how to leverage influencers and how to negotiate with them than a crypto marketing agency that has an already established network of proven and credible NFT influencers and has been doing it for years?

Explore NFT Influencer Marketing with RGray

If you’re seeking a reliable NFT influencer marketing agency that delivers exceptional results, look no further than RGray. Our marketing agency is a perfect choice for setting in motion extraordinary influencer marketing for the launch of an NFT collection. Attention to detail for both strategy and execution ensures that outcomes are far-reaching and meaningful. With the combination of creative ideas, modern tactics, and effective solutions, you are in enough hands to make sure that your NFT project reaches its full potential. Book a call with our expert today to get detailed information about NFT influencer marketing services and how we can help elevate your NFT collection.

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