Galileo Exchange

A freshly rolled out platform is set on the way to make day-trading fun, accessible, safe, and exhilarating! Our lead generation and PR efforts have exposed Galileo to something more than just an audience. We have provided our client with a community to grow and develop alongside the product.
PR campaign Conversion Rate
17 302
New Website Users
Months of Cooperation

Services Used

  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Display Advertising Campaign
  • Media Buying
  • Email Marketing
  • Product Landing Page Redesign
  • BONUS Digital Marketing Consulting

The Galileo Exchange Goals

Galileo Exchange has a totally unique product that would hit the spot for both reckless risk-taking traders and careful newbies. The crypto-trading experience provided by our client is totally unique, therefore, not many people have been aware of it. Galileo Exchange has contacted RGray to find a starting ground of an audience for their project.

The Challenge

As mentioned before, Galileo was seeking an audience. But in order to get a user base, you have to establish a digital presence first. For this you would need these three things: 1) Traffic 2) Efficient landing page 3) Client retainment Galileo Exchange took the short deadlines into account and went with the paid traffic service option. Our task was to find paid traffic channels and lure the right audience using relative to the innovative product messages. At first, we were just pouring traffic to the previous landing page but soon after launching the promotion campaign, we noticed that the conversion rate was far too low. The solution was obvious: Galileo needed an informative, visually appealing, and converting landing page. The old landing just couldn’t fit the bill. On top of that, the newly converted leads had to be retained somehow. This is where email marketing came in. Our main challenge was to act in a “start-up mode” for swift execution and efficient results in a timely manner.


19 845
Website Sessions
Times Increase in the Platform Conversion Rate (by the landing update)
Times Increase in the Registration Rate (by the landing update)
Average Email Open Rate
Average Email Click Rate
“They’re quick to move, and they can work under extreme deadlines.”
Rhiannon Fletcher Director of Marketing, Galileo Exchange
As expected, the RG team put the pedal to the metal and pumped out strategic marketing solutions in the classic startup deadlines manner. Not to say that we had to sacrifice quality to fit the client’s workflow. But to be totally fair, the client was extremely cooperative, which aided our pacing a lot.
“This is great work, it’s meticulous and the reason I don’t have a lot of questions is because we were blown away and agree with what you did.”
Rhiannon Fletcher Director of Marketing, Galileo Exchange
This generous comment is a reaction to the Email Funnel we created for Galileo Exchange to nurture leads and retain clients. The quote can serve as proof of RGray being able to put up with a wide variety of time frames, but the quality always stays as the first priority.

The RGray Solution

Google Analytics Setup


Our cooperation with Galileo Exchange started from setting up the essential analytics (Google Analytics, GTM, and Hotjar) in order to track the future paid traffic. Our main focus was to track the traffic channels and user actions, amongst which “Conversions” and “Registrations” were of the highest priority. The analytics had to be adjusted later to fit the updated landing page.


The analytic data helped us and Galileo achieve much higher efficiency in the search for the right traffic channel.

Display Advertising Campaign


Modesty aside, the Ads Campaign we designed for Galileo is nothing but a pure gem. As the project is of a financial and blockchain nature, it is a pain to advertise. The target audience was established to be pulled from Facebook, which didn’t make the job any easier. But we found our way to spread the awareness of Galileo Exchange across the social media platform.


With the help of Proxy, several FB accounts, and custom Pre-landers, we have used cloaking to drive localized traffic from Facebook. Cloaking was the first of two traffic generation stages.

The second stage featured several blockchain media and ad networks that had to be researched and tested to locate the most efficient traffic channel. This is how RGray brought Galileo 19 845 website sessions.


Media Buying


There’s a variety of ways to gain awareness, but media presence through featured articles retains the must-have image. By posting sponsored promotional content on we have significantly boosted the project’s credibility and exposure, which are crucial for any startup. Prospects that encounter a new project on a trusted source are guaranteed to trust the sponsored post more than any display advertisement.


A post on didn’t only bring Galileo Exchange PR advantages but also serves as a great SEO boost. Several do-follow links were included in the featured article. This much granted Galileo credibility not only from its target audience but also from the Google bot.


Nevertheless, the main goal was user generation. The targeted traffic proved to be lucrative with 22,18% of users converting to the platform and 10,46% creating a Galileo Exchange account later turning into active users.


Email Marketing


Galileo Exchange didn’t expect such a simple but yet so exclusively effective email funnel… Neither did we.


Similar to all the other services used by our client, the main request was to hurry and create a simple, easy-to-implement, and engaging email funnel. The only problem for our team was the email marketing software choice made by our client. We were previously unfamiliar with ConvertKit email marketing software but it didn’t take us too long to find a way of exploiting all of its technical possibilities.


The funnel features 3 systematic emails and 4 sequences that organically nurture leads. Both showed astronomically high results. The first email was delivered with a 58.6% Open Rate and 24.1% Click Rate. The second email received a 34.6% Open Rate and 9.4% Click Rate. Compared to the industry average of 21.62% Open Rate and 3.30% Click Rate.


The content covers both platform tutorials, success case studies, and strategic trading insights that would minimize the chances of losing even further. This way we’ve attained a simple strategic approach to excite, engage, monetize, and retain a lead/customer.


Product Landing Page Redesign


By exposing Galileo Exchange to traffic from the display ads campaign we noticed that people convert poorly. Our reaction was quick. We realized that the ad messages didn’t match the uninformative content on the landing page. It had to be systematically expanded to attract the crowd of users that bit the ad bate.

Although It appeared that the client had already designed a new landing page mockup, we declared it to be invaluable and visually appealing. Our designer suggested redesigning the whole thing. We took into account all of the client’s requests regarding the landing page content, display ads campaign messages, and the general project insights to create new texts. All that accompanied by a simple but systematic design update.

Slowing the entire project down with the landing page redesign is undoubtedly a chore and a tough decision. Especially for preparing to launch a startup. But we were sure that the effort wasn’t in vain. By comparing a month of time before and after updating the landing page, we were truly amazed by the difference in performance:

  • Bounce Rate dropped 2,46 times;
  • Platform Conversion Rate grew 7,63 times;
  • Registration Rate grew 4,06 times.

The hustle wasn’t in vain after all. Nevertheless, the design system still doesn’t communicate any emotions or anything related to the project’s brand. That is exactly why we dived right into the Galileo Exchange brand development process to add value for our client’s startup.

The Galileo Exchange Gains

During our cooperation with Galileo Exchange, we’ve always strived to be of as much help as possible. Therefore, we haven’t held back any personal time to aid with minor problems even though it wasn’t included in the scope of work. RGray went pro bono by:

  • Reporting multiple bugs related to the mobile version of the website, broken forms, registration/login funnel issues;
  • ConvertKit Sequence customization of for 2 letters from the email funnel, Leads Segmentation consulting (ConvertKit tags), email template design update;
  • Creating a Google Analytics Customization Check-list, detecting and consulting on how to fix analytics duplication errors;
  • Creating new creatives for the ad campaign;
  • SEO Consulting along with the Heatmap and Hotjar customization and setup to moderate the landing page.

This way, by combining our paid services with our cooperative team spirit, we’ve helped Galileo Exchange to establish a new community in the world of crypto-related products and services. We’ve also suggested creating a Telegram channel to aid its growth, so you can check out how Galileo Exchange is doing for yourself!

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