Leafarise is an assistant app for gardeners. It is an innovative product that strives to combine the most essential gardening functions on a single screen making caring for the greens optimized and easier to get into.

Scope of work


  • Competitor Product & Communication Analysis
  • Product Development Plan Suggestions
  • Target Audience Creation


  • Basic Brand Development
  • Naming
  • Slogan
  • Logo

Leafarise is set on the way to becoming an ultimate gardening application by overwhelming its competitors with:

A unique combination of most helpful and engaging gardening features
Suitability for both beginners and experienced gardeners
An innovative feature enabling digital modeling of your garden
An ability to plant a seed full of love for gardening in your heart

Product Research Insight

The gardening apps market turned out to be saturated with low quality or down-right basic products unfit for any kind of gardener. We have segmented it into four sections and analyzed the users’ reception for each to create suggestions for the Product Development Plan.

Communication Research Insight

The research also has proved that most of the competitors lean towards using green colors. It makes sense but also stands on the way to differentiation. We have also established that almost none of the competitors implies emotions in their communication. Therefore building an emotional connection with the TA would be a great competitive advantage.

Brand Essence

To transition into the creative stage, we needed to create a Brand Essence. Considering the emotionless competitive landscape, we’ve conducted intensive brainstorming sessions and came up with 5 different concepts for a Brand Essence. Of which “Care Farming” got the client’s favor.

Care Farming

The trick of Care Farming lies within the word “Farming”. Besides its obvious relation to agriculture, it is also used to express gain (in digital culture). Therefore, we have incentivized communicating messages that transform an app into a tool for gaining care: care for plants, gardening, and personal growth.


The client received 6 different names for consideration, from which he chose “Leafarise”. It successfully combines nature with self-development. After confirming the name, we started to develop a slogan to clearly underline the brand essence.


The client looked through the 6 offered options and chose “Immerse into thriving”. In this particular slogan, the word “thriving” has 2 meanings: thriving of one’s personality and thriving of a growing plant.


By approving the verbal components the team has moved to visuals development. Our client has received 4 concepts to choose from. The most symmetrical, light, and bright option became the company’s logo and app icon. It is a depiction of a growing plant or a blooming flower from above.


On a large scale: services offered by RGray in this scope have established a great foundation for the future development of the Leafarise brand. On a smaller scale: the logo and icon design offered by RGray will help to determine the style and update the app’s design in the near future.
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