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The founders of the BitQuant Exchange are dreamers and strong advocates of FinTech products. They strived to create a unique product among the hundreds of others that originated during the recent blockchain “gold rush”. We were asked to create an organic identity, a state-of-the-art product and structure the company’s digital infrastructure - and all of that under a constrained timeline of two months.

The Challenge

The project at hand required the creation of a full-scope Digital Infrastructure. That included brand identity, competitor research, web-design, web-development, creation of extensive technical documentation, establishing web analytics and an affiliate system, creating a dedicated community and ensuring a strong presence on social media, running an early access campaign, managing paid traffic, content writing and more.

All of the above was to be done in a competitive niche of Digital Asset exchanges, where over 200 companies are building virtually the same type of product for a global audience, at the level of quality same or higher than the industry-leaders, under a limited budget and in strict deadlines.

The main challenge we’ve been able to overcome was presenting a product, still in beta, under an appealing and very attractive user-centric umbrella of highly innovative features.

Digital marketing services case study
Digital marketing services case study

The Solution

To solve this We’ve delivered the full scope of the project in three distinct stages. Preparation: conducting a thorough market and competitor research, creating the concept of a unique and superior product. Creation: designed and built the entire digital infrastructure for the project, including a referral system, an original user-journey, a successful organic traffic strategy, and integrated a number of effective traffic-sources. All of that was done with a particular emphasis on analytics and emotional appeal. Release:conducted a blitzkrieg Early Traction campaign with astounding overperformance - beat the whitelisted users KPI by an order of magnitude.



Countries covered


Extra whitelisted users


People made aware of the brand


New whitelisted member every minute during the first week

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Digital marketing services case study



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Digital marketing services case study



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