6 Types of Content Marketing That Work Best for Your Business Growth + 3 Tools We Use and Recommend for Content Marketing!

what types of content marketing work best for your business grows

There are so many types of content marketing for business growth strategies. You don’t need everything at once. Only those that work and help your progress: an optimal balance between effort and results.

No matter if you’re new to content marketing, already made your first steps, or successfully built a content marketing strategy for your business – we’re here to help you grow with the list of best types of content marketing. Business promotion and marketing overall work effectively for way too many things to ignore it – building trust, speeding up the marketing funnel, and transforming business with customer-driven marketing (right, this is how many opportunities you get starting with content marketing). So, let’s find out why you should invest in content marketing and how exactly you can do this.

high rate of return on investment performs best with a content marketing

Long story short. Why do you need this? 

Content marketing is crucial if you want to find new customers online. It helps you to increase website traffic, engagement with your prospects, leads, build loyalty, and trust. Once you determine your content marketing strategy, you help people understand that your company is exactly what they are looking for and see what benefits you are offering. 

We do not call it advertising. It’s content marketing

Creating and distributing a broad mix of compelling content that interests customers, builds relationships with and among them, and engages them into action. To feed today’s social and digital media machinery and to sustain everlasting conversations among the consumers, your business needs a constant supply of fresh content across a breadth of traditional and digital platforms. 

Best 6 Types of Content Marketing that have proved effective 

both social media presence and website blog work are essential for a successful content marketing strategy and attracting the right people to your product

# 1. Social Media and Blog.

 Right, we have put these two large segments together. Let’s see why.

Both social media presence and website blog work are essential for a successful content marketing strategy and attracting the right people to your product. Step 1 – be where your customers are, work actively on social media profiles. Start with one or two platforms, tell more about why and what you do with your business and bring people to your website…

…where you have your blog with professional experience, advice, great offers. An SEO-optimized blog and website, of course. Rank in search engines for the relevant queries and get organic traffic. Coming to your website from a search engine, people can learn more about your business, team, and product by visiting your social profile – this works both sides!

Having a blog increases your chances of ranking higher in search of 434% (because the search engine “understands” better what your website is about and can rank it higher for chosen search queries).

# 2. User-generated content

The result of effective social media and blog work with some extra creativity.

Involve your customers. Ask them for their opinion on specific topics, learn what they need and how you can offer more with quizzes, product overviews, challenges, and debatable topics. Social media allows you to engage people like never before. How are your products related to current circumstances or everyday life? Track the activity and get even more content ideas for business promotion. Personal experience stories are a great example – ask for as many stories as possible and choose the best to post and see how the interest is rising.

User-generated content statistics are truly mind-blowing because you can spend less on marketing and people will keep on promoting your brand.

!84% of millennial consumers are more likely to buy if the product was recommended by someone they know and trust.

email marketing is still a thing to be more convincing you can reach any of your contacts personally with the right information when its convenient

# 3. Email marketing.

A wonderful idea of highly personalized marketing.

Email marketing is still a thing. To be more convincing, you can reach any of your contacts personally with the right information when it’s convenient.

Open rates are 50% higher when email topics are personalized because you attract more and your receiver is more likely to find it useful. According to annual statistics, ROI on every $1 spent for email marketing is $38-42. This is a great deal even if it was twice lower, you cannot ignore such a great opportunity.

# 4. Case studies.

A real example of your work to show the value.

Your leads are only one step from becoming your customers! Help them to decide with professional case studies that show everything you can do and problem-solving skills. You should be proud of your achievements and share the hard work you did in a story-telling way. Think of all the great experiences you hide behind the scenes and use your chance to get new clients.

Being targeted and niche-specific, case studies are the perfect solution for the right traffic.

audio video content integrates perfectly on any platform and increases your engagement rates

# 5. Audio/Video content

Something we’re all striving for.

Audio/Video content integrates perfectly on any platform and increases your engagement rates. Is it resource-intensive? Not as much as you think. Short work process sketches or product overview does not require special skills and brightens your content strategy. Do you have much content to share? Record a podcast. Have a long article? Offer audio-version on the top of the page. Is there a complex digital service? Provide a video guide to help your customers and we guarantee you’ll see the results soon. 

! Mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year.

# 6. Reviews

Your customer’s and your overviews of products and services

As for the customer-generated content, you benefit from positive reviews and this should be encouraged with bonuses. Additionally, make sure your customers know where to post to be heard: you need a special hashtag for social media, discussion section on a website, or forums. 

Your company reviews elaborate more on product features and clear up on what you offer. An interesting thing is this way you also encourage to post customer reviews right there: do they have some experience or even more to add? Introduce new products with detailed descriptions or compare to competitors – it’s up to you but useful in any way!

! 15% of customers usually avoid companies without reviews.

3 tools we use and recommend for content marketing!

Content creation will take some time in the beginning but we are here to ease your work process and daily routine. Our team recommends several small helpers that will ease your daily tasks while working on content creation and will bring it on a completely higher level:

  1. Keyword Tool – search for the most relevant keywords for free. Choose your country, search engine, and find any kind of keywords for free or upgrade to a Pro level to access even more useful tools.
  2. Grammarly – so universal that we cannot imagine our lives without it, a real writing assistant as they promise. The Grammarly extension works anywhere and grants the user with unique easy-to-use tools for a reasonable price, anything from editing to styling and plagiarism checker.
  3. Scribbr – advanced plagiarism checker, offers great value for its money and is irreplaceable if you generate large pieces of content and fight for the top-rankings.

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Content marketing offers value and positive transformation many times more than just the sum of the parts of your strategy. We showed you why content marketing is important and its prospects to boost your growth. Attract new people, develop the best buyer’s journey, and let your best customers feel great working with you with our most effective types of content marketing.

Start small.
 Plan every detail.
Think as your customer thinks – try walking in his/her shoes.
Create value.
Quality is your priority.
Be patient and succeed.