Clubhouse’s New Competitor. 10 Facebook Statistics to Know in 2021

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Clubhouse envy not going away, recent social media updates, what mistakes marketers should avoid when creating emails, statistics for business owners and marketers to consider in 2021, and much more from the world of digital marketing in our new episode of the RGray Weekly Marketing Insights and News Digest.

  • Spotify is trying to catch up with the Clubhouse, so it launches a new application. More details in our digest.
  • Facebook and Reddit are going through a series of changes that both open and close doors for marketers. Read our digest to find out more.
  • Email marketing is one of the most popular topics among marketers, though few people know about the mistakes that they make on a daily basis. See our digest to avoid these mistakes.
  • Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms in the 21st century, so make sure to check our infographic to learn all the needed statistics about it.

Clubhouse gets real competitors

Spotify announced the purchase of Locker Room’s app developer - Betty Labs.

After the launch of the well-known Clubhouse, many competitors tried to enter the market. Spotify announced the purchase of Locker Room’s app developer – Betty Labs. In audio chats of this application, users can discuss sports in real-time. 

Here’s how it differs from Clubhouse and what are the opportunities for marketers:

  • The Locker Room application was focused on sports, but it is planning to aim at a wider audience now. There will be a major rebranding to launch it as a universal audio chat app.
  • At the moment, the application is separate from Spotify. The development specialist of  Spotify said that the apps are still remaining separately. But the possibility of integrating the audio chat function into Spotify itself is not ruled out in the near future.

Regarding the other large companies: Facebook, has already developed analogs of Clubhouse while Twitter began testing its Spaces audio platform in December 2020.

Social Media Updates

From June 30, we will lose this opportunity of Facebook Analytics.

Let’s start with Facebook! For many years, marketers have used Facebook Analytics on a daily basis for different types of analysis (audience, ad campaign success, etc.), and from June 30, we will lose this opportunity.

This announcement was posted on the Facebook blog. So, if you need access to the current data, then export it before the end of June.

What does it mean for marketers? If you are a current Facebook Analytics user, then it is time to look for an alternative.

Facebook itself notes that, for example, statistics about your audience can be found in the Business Suite and Ads Manager. 

Another update from Facebook: The platform is working on subtitles for stories. The function will enable them to be automatically added under the video to make the viewing of the story more accessible.

Reddit is also not far behind. The platform is working to expand its advertising capabilities by opening a new office in Canada with an emphasis on better serving brands that are interested in Reddit as an ad platform.

Catchy Emails people want to read

Recently on Twitter, Chase Dimond shared 10 mistakes to avoid in email marketing.

Recently on Twitter, Chase Dimond shared 10 mistakes to avoid in email marketing.

 Some are obvious, some are not, but they are worth considering:

  • Lack of personality in your letter. Adding your brand personality to the emails will help differentiate you from thousands of other brands that email your potential customers.
  • There is no compelling story. An emotionless and dry context is of no interest to anyone. The story in your email should reveal your brand identity and evoke emotions in the customer.
  • Being too educational. The overly educational content in emails will tire your readers. Moreover, such content is revealing and leaves no room for curiosity. And this is exactly what prompts them to action.
  • It isn’t all boiling down to sales. You should make your emails ‘’welcome’’ in your subscribers’ inboxes. People won’t even consider reading your emails if they know in advance that you just want to sell something.
  • Lack of humor. People love humor and they often miss it. Try to be less serious. It is easier to perceive everything through humor. Take any pain point in your niche and turn it into a joke.

Summarizing everything that was described above: your task is to evoke emotions.

For example, remember the TV series Friends. The story is about ordinary people solving life problems. But we love these characters.

Try to evoke similar feelings in your letters so that people want to read them.

10 Facebook Statistics Every Business Owner & Marketer Should Know In 2021 [Infographic]

Are you planning your Facebook strategy for the year ahead? Want to know the basics before running a campaign?

Our team has prepared an infographic for you with the insights you must know in 2021.

Here are the main points:

  • How Many People Use Facebook?
  • Facebook Advertising Revenue
  • Businesses Use
  • Mobile Over Desktop
  • Average Time Spent

Check out the infographic below for more details!

Our team has prepared an infographic for you with the insights you must know in 2021.