Weekly Marketing Insights and News Digest (22-28 February)

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What’s new on LinkedIn? Clubhouse data breaches, key points to include in high-quality SEO-oriented content brief, Facebook giving money back for ad campaigns, and much more from the world of digital marketing in our new episode of the RGray Weekly Marketing Insights and News Digest.

  • LinkedIn empowers freelancers by developing new features and cooperating with Microsoft. Learn more about the updates!.
  • The Clubhouse getting too much attention: from interactions with well-known brands to data breaches. Read more in our weekly digest.
  • How to create a good content brief for SEO? Check out our digest for a detailed guide.
  • Facebook never ceases to shock us with its antics: this time they decided to return the money. Find out more about what happened in our article.

LinkedIn Updates

Recently, LinkedIn is replete with updates, which gives your brand an opportunity to reach a larger audience. Check the platform’s business blog to get more details regarding the updates:

  • New options for content curation. This is a useful feature if you have employees. A new page – My Company – allows you to create content that your team can see and share.
  • New analytical function. As part of the program for using employee networks on the platform, a new analytics section has appeared. It will help determine whether the use of new tools helps to expand your audience.

But that’s not all, according to the latest report from The Information, Microsoft has been developing a new project for LinkedIn – a freelance platform.

LinkedIn already has a tool for communication with freelancers “ProFinder”, which is really simple to use. However, this new developing function is promised to bring us much more:

  • The update allows hiring employees directly through LinkedIn. This is a significant step ahead because this update could deal a big blow to platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.
  • More advertising opportunities: basically because new features equals new advertising opportunities, doesn’t it? In particular, freelancers who want to sell their services will have a chance to run paid promotions.

The impressive growth of Clubhouse

The financial and media company Bloomberg reported a violation: a hacker streamed audio from multiple rooms to a third-party site. Despite the fact that the user was banned, many questions and doubts regarding the security of the platform arose.

The Clubhouse has been climbing on the top of social media lately. And, as it happens with all the hot trends that are on the peak, a great number of questions have arisen.

At the same time, the platform is only gaining momentum, and brands are striving to take advantage of it. So, here’s what we know about the Clubhouse for now:

  • Data breaches are widespread. The financial and media company Bloomberg reported a violation: a hacker streamed audio from multiple rooms to a third-party site. Despite the fact that the user was banned, many questions and doubts regarding the security of the platform arose.
  • According to the latest Digiday article, brands understand the value of the Clubhouse.. Even though there are no advertising opportunities there, companies have found a way out and are working with influencers to reach their target audience.

How to write a good content brief for SEO

In order to achieve the desired result from your copywriters, you need to provide a high-quality brief.

But when it comes to SEO, things are not as easy as they seem. So, what can really help to make your content brief more SEO-oriented?

Kameron Jenkins from Moz has published a blog post on her personal blog page about creating effective SEO debriefs that copywriters will definitely appreciate.

What should be included in an SEO content brief?

  • Primary Query Purpose and Intent: This is not an SEO brief unless you include the main query you aim to target.
  • Format: Not all copywriters are competent at structuring content with SEO in mind.
  • Discussion Topics and Related Questions to Answer: The request gives the author a clearer understanding of the main message of the post. But you should also remember to include other subtopics related to your main keyword research query.
  • Funnel stage: The query automatically answers this question, but it’s better to add clarification as to what stage in the funnel the audience you are trying to target is in.
  • Target audience: define the targeted buyer persona in advance.
  • The action you want your target audience to take: what do you want to get from the user after processing the material you’ve provided? Subscribe to the newsletter? Increase your awareness?
  • Approximate Length: The length of the post you publish will vary depending on the topic itself and its entirety, but it is recommended that you provide an approximate word count.
  • Opportunities for internal and external links: Specify relevant content to link to and the existing content that may link to this new post.
  • Competitors’ Content: Search for your target query and collect three-or-so top-ranked URLs.
  • On-Page SEO Cheat Sheet: Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Subheadings. Add a list of tips and resources to help your copywriters with major on-page SEO elements.
What should be included in an SEO content brief?

Run Facebook Ads and Get $ 0.07 Refund

This most likely happened more than once. And this is probably not because of this, but because of the refunds, which instantly made all of us laugh.

So what’s actually happening? Facebook, a platform that seemed to be trusted, сlaimed that reach estimates were based on the wrong data.

Jason Quint has made public some court documents that clearly describe the events that took place in the above topic.

In short, one of the product managers notified Facebook that the company was making revenue based on incorrect data. The executives chose to turn a blind eye to this in order to boost the bottom line.
For several weeks in a row, Facebook has been getting up on the wrong foot. For more details, read the Financial Times article.