Weekly Marketing Insights and News Digest (27.07-02.08)

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Databox trusts RGray! Why create a community to sell more stuff? Statistics that will motivate you to link-building. New article from the RGray team and much more from the world of digital marketing in our new episode of the RGray Weekly Marketing Insights and News Digest.

  • Want to increase the search visibility of your blog posts? Over 99 SEO experts have shared the best tips for optimizing every blog post for search engines to Databox. Our CEO became one of the experts. Want to see his quote? See it in our digest. 
  • Do you find link building an overwhelming task? To help you understand the opportunities, challenges, common tactics, and costs behind successful link building, we prepared 25 helpful stats – read below.
  • Your product is only worth as much as people are willing to pay for it – and one of the best ways to convince people to pay more is by creating a community. A community isn’t just a Facebook group – but it can be if you’re doing the right things. What things – read in our digest.
  • So let’s picture ourselves in a situation: there’s a developing business, that has created a great lead generating system, but the product seems hard to sell, so the leads are developing extremely slowly. What is the right move for the company’s sales strategy? Read below.


1. Does writing blog posts for your business feel like an additional task on your plate – one that you dread?

This won’t happen once you learn about the SEO benefits that blogging brings. In particular, creating valuable blog posts that answer your readers’ questions can improve your chances of ranking.

However, navigating the path to ranking your blog posts in the search engine can be tricky. But again, it doesn’t have to be. This is why Databox asked 99 experts to share their tips.

Our CEO Gleb Myrko is one of these experts. Check out the full quote in the article by clicking on the button below.

Gleb Myrko how to create blog posts
Expert Tips for Optimizing Your Blog Posts for SEO
See Gleb’s Quote

2. Want to sell more stuff? Create a community for your customers

Your product is only worth as much as people are willing to pay for it – and one of the best ways to convince people to pay more is by creating a community.

A community for your customers can be the selling point that turns a $50 on-demand course into a premium experience sold for $1k-$5k.

But what exactly is a community? It’s a bundle of different elements and in this Twitter thread, Wes Kao listed them.

Use them to build your community. Or, at least, try to introduce some of them to your brand, product, and communication.

A community isn’t just a Facebook group – but it can be if you’re doing the right things. Let’s dive into some of the most important elements of a community:

  • Companionship: Loneliness is a struggle for many people. And a group of understanding people is an antidote to loneliness.
  • Affiliation and prestige: Not only do customers want to be part of a community to feel understood, but they also want to stand out from the masses. T-shirts and accessories are a simple way to do this, but think about what it might look like for your brand.
  • Weird in the same way: How much do you like to nerd out about Facebook Ads, copywriting, media buying, and everything in between with your circle? How weird would it be if on a first date you started talking about that dropshipping product that was converting at $2 CPA? There probably won’t be a second date…
  • Exclusivity: In other words, status and power. Customers like to feel included in an exclusive community, and this is a huge selling point for high-ticket courses online.
  • Shared purpose: Customers want to join people that have your same mission, be it political, religious, or a mere business purpose.
  • Shared contexts, vocabulary, and assumptions. This ties into all of the other points – we all love talking with a like-minded group of people, and a course community can help us do just that.
Create a community for your customers

These are our favorite elements that Wes Kao listed. As she suggests, try to introduce one of these in your product, course, or experience until you find out what sparks a response.

Must-have elements for your Go To Market strategy for the US market
Free GTM ebook

3. 25 Link-Building Stats for Your SEO Strategy

Are you investing in a link building campaign as part of your SEO strategy? Want to know why links are so important to achieving higher Google rankings?

Our team shares 25 link building statistics (based on HubSpot research) you should know in this infographic.

Here are a few that make up the list:

  • Links are one of the two main criteria considered in Google’s page ranking algorithm.
  • 51% of marketers say it takes one to three months to see the impact of link building efforts
  • 41% of SEO experts consider link building as the hardest part of SEO
  • 94% of the world’s content gets zero inbound links

Check out the infographic below for more details.

25 Link-Building Stats for your SEO Strategy

4. Today’s Digital Marketing Tripwire- Tested by RGray

This week we’ve made a new addition to our blog- an article about the art of tripwires. You will be stunned by the fact, that a tripwire, according to Ryan Deiss, multiplies the probability of a purchase by 10!

But what are tripwires exactly? Well, here’s an example from our article: if you ever entered the store to buy your favorite chocolate bar on sale but left with a whole bag of groceries, you’ve experienced a tripwire. 

That’s right, tripwire marketing needs some more credit for its efficiency and that’s exactly why we published this article. By reading this post, you will rediscover your sales funnel once again and learn how to maximize your conversions with a tripwire, that covers the right price, the right product, and the right value.

Today's Digital Marketing Tripwire- Tested by RGray
What is a tripwire? What is not a tripwire?!
New Article from Rgray Team