Market leader reviews 2019: RGray recognized among the best in Digital Marketing

One of the top recognized digital marketing agency

Once a month, Clutch, which is the most cited platform with in-depth client reviews, data-driven content, and vetted leaders in the B2B Services market, conducts a regional rating of top-performing agencies. In the month of October, the turn came for the agencies form Eastern European countries. Of the 1,669 B2B Service Providers in Ukraine, as one of the industry-proven leaders, RGray has been named one of the “Top Agencies in Ukraine in 2019”, and it’s our pleasure to dutifully accept this honourable award as we’ve worked hard on our brand development to achieve this.

Clutch is a platform that collects in-depth client reviews, data-driven content, and vetted market leaders in order to ensure that businesses are matched with the best-fit providers, having over 42,000 listed companies and 36,000 carefully and accurately gathered reviews from their clients. We are very proud to have been evaluated so positively on their profile.

Digital marketing services case study

Client Reviews are one of the most important criteria that comprise the rating. Based on our Client Reviews, “The advertising work done by RGray is very effective, reducing cost per customer acquisition significantly below normal market levels. Their team delivers on time, communicates well, and constantly strives to upgrade their skills and stay on top of industry trends and technologies.” – that’s according to one of our latest clients, for whom we have performed end-to-end marketing efforts, built a strategy, did copywriting, web development, email campaigns, and paid social media advertisements.

It’s been a wonderful journey for us as a team dedicated to bringing tangible, unmatched results to our clients. We always have – and will continue to stand by our statements of Mission and Vision: “…to ensure the constant enhancement of the FinTech industry and IT business world by connecting the best talents with responsible, future-oriented businesses and … to accelerate the world’s transition to digitalized reality by facilitating the development of innovative businesses and Business design.”

So, what’s next for RGray?

One of the top agencies in Ukraine

Our goals for the year ahead are to become the industry-leader not just in Ukraine, but in the broader region of Eastern Europe. To achieve this, we’ll work with even more dedication, bringing even higher results and serving even more great businesses, providing affordable search engine optimization services, among other things.

In the process, we’ll make sure to abide by our rules and principles:

  • Trust, Loyalty, & Integrity Above of All;
  • Maintain Freedom & Autonomy;
  • Do what you can, with what you have, where you are (c);
  • Always Try Hard to Find the Solution;
  • Learn and Innovate All The Time;
  • Challenge Yourself, Don’t Wait to Be Challenged;
  • Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously & Have Fun
Digital marketing services case study

In the meantime – we’re working hard on our own products – primarily, those are SaaS solutions that solve complex problems in a variety of industries, so stay tuned and make sure to catch the release dates by subscribing to our Blog!

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