Weekly Marketing Insights and News Digest (01-07 February)

Google SEO Updates. Apple vs Facebook. 10 Ways To Boost Your Email Campaigns. Instagram Updates. Amazon Rules

Three Core Web Vitals metrics, Apple’s one more battle, email marketing in 2021, something new on Instagram, Amazon do’s and don’ts, and much more from the world of digital marketing in our new episode of the RGray Weekly Marketing Insights and News Digest.

  • Take a look at the latest news from the SEO world: a new Google update and a bot attack in our weekly digest.
  • Read more about the buzz that Facebook has created by organizing an antitrust lawsuit against Apple and how it influenced Facebook’s image in our article.
  • Get acquainted with the 10 ways to boost your email campaigns in 2021 from our digest.
  • Learn more about the professional Dashboard from Instagram that now combines all its features in one. 
  • Check out the clear overview of the latest Amazon rules in our weekly article.

Google SEO updates and bot’s attack

Last week wasn’t full of marketing news but the SEO world buzzed with two important news: a new Google update and a bot attack. Let’s dive into both!

  1. In the near future, we are likely to welcome the new Google’s Core Web Vitals update. That is why marketers and SEO’s are working hard to fix the speed of the sites before starting the update. Google constantly provides us with explanations and new information about the work of the future update.

    Lately, John Mueller from Google announced some statements(that might sound disappointing) about how to run your website in order to get an advantage from the updates:
  • Your website might need to correspond to all three Core Web Vitals metrics to benefit. It is not unambiguous, but John, all the same, told that fitting all three metrics is significant to advance with the help of the update.
  • So far, this is not an official statement but John told that now Google is testing a new feature of adding a Core Web Vitals badge in search results for websites that stand out.

As we are getting closer and closer to the release date, we would be happy to receive a better clarification on what these all mean.

  1. Some individuals noticed a huge boost of traffic from January 31st but actually are not excited about this. You may think it was a Google update that might boost search traffic but that’s not it. Marie Haynes reported that many websites faced a lot of traffic from bots. She recommends filtering out and excluding this traffic by removing the accessibility of the country this bot traffic is coming from. 

Apple vs Facebook

Apple vs Facebook

We don’t want to upset you, but if you thought that after IOS 14 was launched, the calm will follow, you are a bit wrong.

As per McRumors, Facebook wants to organize an antitrust lawsuit against Apple over what they consider to be an unequal policy to privacy and default applications.

Apple has already got acquainted with such situations. For instance, the company is currently in a battle with Epic Games and we assume that this isn’t t the last one.

We shouldn’t expect the companies to reach a quick agreement if Facebook continues with the lawsuit. And, frankly speaking, we do not foresee any magic cure that will make advertisers’ jobs easier. We can only observe how giants fight.

By the way, Facebook’s Oversight Board made their first decisions, and not a huge surprise that it canceled lots of previous Facebook’s decisions. The situation definitely didn’t boost Facebook’s image.

10 ways to boost your email campaigns in 2021

10 ways to boost your email campaigns in 2021

Since advertising platforms are constantly altering, having an engaged list becomes a must.

Hustler Marketing collected valuable tips and points from the 10 best experts to get the most out of the recommendations. Here come some key points:

  • Jacqué Palmer: Users enjoy designs that are likely to be more simple. Therefore, strengthen your storytelling skills!
  • Aub Wallace: It better works when you do not insert your social links in the footer as this has a strong, rather negative, impact on the HTML code of your email campaign. Statistics show that the vast majority aren’t even clicking on them. Give it a try.
  • Jeana Salomone-Reisig: Pay attention to the events that occur in the world of your prospects and modify your email accordingly. By the way, this applies to all your channels, not just emails.
  • Candice Trebus: All of your users are very different, therefore try using smart segmentation to provide a customized approach.
  • Pamela Ortega: Each time you send emails, you get a perfect opportunity to get new information about your audience. So, try to get the most out of it! It gives you a chance to make meaningful decisions about your followers.

Click here to check the full list!

More and more companies are concerned about email marketing in 2021. For instance, Facebook plans to introduce a newsletter system for creators, while Twitter has already done so.

Instagram Recent Updates

Let us first tell you about the function most of us have been impatiently waiting for. Do you recognize the situation when you accidentally delete an Instagram post and there is no way to return it? Well, it’s your day! 

From now on, there won’t be such situations as Instagram has that now there is a Recently Deleted folder which will keep all the content that you have deleted within 30 days. After, it will be automatically removed. This applies to all types of content that Instagram offers, except for stories: they will be irreversibly deleted 24 hours after posting.

Instagram Recent Updates

Let’s jump straight to the next larger update. The launch of a new ‘Professional Dashboard’ was reported by Instagram, which is basically a management overview tool that offers basic performance insight, as well as access to appropriate resources to help Instagram creators optimize and monetize their activity on the platform.

Instagram explains:
“As part of our ongoing effort to give creators and businesses the tools they need, we are launching Professional Dashboard, a central destination to track performance, access and discover professional tools, and explore educational information curated by Instagram.” 

Here are some key points from the new dashboard:

  • Track Your Performance shows the most popular trends and data notes based on your account metrics. It also includes comparative prompts that are based on your past account performance statistics.
  • Grow Your Business feature enables you to get quick access to different tools and services for better managing your account: Badges, Branded Content, IGTV promotions, etc.
  • Stay Informed gives you an opportunity to get Instagram’s latest educational resources: tips, tricks, guidance, inspiration, etc.
Instagram Recent Updates

You may have thought that most of these features have already been available on Instagram before but to make it clear, the professional Dashboard just combines it all in one.

Instagram also adds that they are planning to create even more features.

Amazon Rules To Follow

These are not the latest news from Amazon but they gave us a better understanding of what is allowed and what’s not. 


  • You can not purchase from some other vendor or ship without the shipment indicating your company as the vendor or someone else showing on the packaging labels, invoices, or external packaging.
  • You can not submit orders containing packing slips, invoices, external packaging, or any other details other than your own name to the seller.

When you are allowed to dropship on Amazon? Exclude all details about a third party from the shipment if you’re the record seller, and when you are the one who is responsible for receiving and handling customer returns.

In general, if you take all the responsibility and regulation, you can dropship, and the end customer does not find a change. This looks a lot like Amazon, and no one is surprised at all.

Well, now, these are definitely much clearer rules to follow.