Weekly Marketing Insights and News Digest (18-24 January)

The world’s smartest marketer? SEO Guide for Non-Profits. TikTok overtakes Facebook. 10 Social Media Trends in 2021

The world’s smartest marketers, raising opportunity to succeed online for non-profits, TikTok passing Facebook for usage time, social media trends affecting your marketing strategy, and much more from the world of digital marketing in our new episode of the RGray Weekly Marketing Insights and News Digest.

  • A fairly brilliant or a risky and ill-thought decision? Will it lead to an unbelievable success or will it be considered sneaky and end up backfiring? Read more about one of the world’s greatest marketers and one of his blow minding strategies.
  • Take a look at the SEO guide for non-profits that our team shared, which will help a non-profit organization in conducting a quick audit, making a plan, and implementing key steps.
  • Check out the insights of the successful TikTok’s performance in our weekly digest.
  • See the infographic for the main social media trends for 2021 that our team shared in the weekly article.

The world’s smartest marketer?

The man behind MSCHF's viral creative project, and he is one of the greatest marketers in the world

Gabriel Whaley is his name. He is the man behind MSCHF’s viral creative project, and he is one of the greatest marketers in the world, at least according to widely known YouTuber, Coffeezilla aka Stephen.

What is MSCHF, though? MSCHF is a project that variously identifies itself as an art group, a band, or a creative label, pronounced “mischief” and designed like an aughts post-pop band. Since last year, when this new iteration of the business was incorporated, the organization has been bringing out projects designed to do one thing – blow up online.

So, Coffeezilla took a look at the creative team, in their recent video, as well as how they generate profit. Let’s go through the highlights:

  • MSCHF blossoms on scarcity and bright thoughts. The company releases tons of items twice a month. What’s the general formula? They’re nuts, they always go viral, and there aren’t many accessible if they’re for sale (some are just mini-games).
  • It’s not an outstanding way to make money. It doesn’t cover the bills to distribute a few items at a time, and even to pay out money to fans and developers. So, Coffeezilla dove in to find out how MSCHF can prosper.
  • There’s another business. A brand named Circo Global sells similar versions of goods that were originally mega-hits on MSCHF – discovered Coffeezilla. After further research, he found out that Circo Global had applied for a patent with the same specific address as the one used by MSCHF. The secret revealed!

Testing new product ideas using a popular innovative project with a devoted fanbase, then distributing them on a more authorized, commercial platform in greater amounts?

It could be a fairly brilliant decision, but it could be risky. Users may consider it sly, and end up backfiring. And, you need to remember, the higher you climb, the harder you fall. And all that virality that MSCHF’s created might turn into a bomb.

Check out Coffeezilla’s full video here if you want to learn more about this case.

SEO guide for non-profits [Infographic]

For most organizations, especially non-profits, maintaining an online presence is more relevant than ever as the new year sets in.

Being found online is crucial with COVID-19 driving most professionals and customers into their home offices. Therefore, SEO is a vital factor for charities. And while 2020 was a gloomy time overall, there were some positive signs – specifically, for non-profits.

  • Online donation rose by 19% year-over-year. 
  • There was a 40 percent rise in monthly online giving. 
  • During the pandemic, 56% of U.S. households participated in charitable giving. 
  • Across all ages, about 55% of people choose to bring online.
  • In 2020, Giving Tuesday saw a 25% growth. 

These trends showed that the opportunity to succeed online as a non-profit is as important as it’s ever been.

It’s crucial to maximize awareness to benefit, and SEO is a tried-and-true organic way to achieve just that.

And while many suggest SEO to be a complex endeavor, with the proper approach and a list of best practices, many marketers can incorporate a lot, if not all of it. The listing below is intended to assist any non-profit marketing team to conduct a quick audit, make a plan and take key steps.

SEO guide for non-profits

TikTok passes Facebook for usage time

We have the info: recently, users spend far more time on TikTok per month than they do on Facebook.

Recently, users spend far more time on TikTok per month than they do on Facebook.

A recent App Annie survey stated that TikTok users now spend an average of more than 20 hours per month on TikTok, while Facebook users spend just over 15 hours a month.

A full description of the research results was published by Search Engine Journal, but you can also check out the official report here.

According to App Annie, the most interesting part is that TikTok almost doubled its 2019 average monthly usage estimates, so it is obvious that the app’s success is not going backward.

In 2020, we had expected a weaker increase, but the message is now clear. People spend a lot of time on TikTok, and it’s one of the best places to reach clients!

10 social media trends that every marketer should know in 2021 [Infographic]

The last twelve months were meaningful with the growing dependence on digital connectivity for work, play, social interaction, connection.

After all, the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the numerous response measures have demonstrated the crucial role of the Internet in our daily lives. And within that, our dependency on social media applications, which are gradually serving a variety of different roles in our everyday routines, has also been intensified.

That may be a negative thing – as we have seen recently, social media disinformation and discord can have serious consequences. But, at the same time, it also offers more ways of communicating and connecting, does the shopping, studying, and much more.

That is what makes the listing our team shared, so important. The infographic below shows some of the main social media trends for 2021, illustrating the value of social media for organizations.

And while you already understand many of these patterns, it is worth considering their effect on your marketing strategy.

10 social media trends that every marketer should know in 2021