Weekly Marketing Insights and News Digest (07-13 December)

rgray weekly marketing insight and news digest 0712-1312

How to receive 7k views on your first blog post in one day? What were TikTok’s top brand campaigns in 2020? SEO trends and social media forecasts for 2021, and much more from the world of digital marketing in our new episode of the RGray Weekly Marketing Insights and News Digest.

–   Take a look at the predictions for SEO trends in 2021 made by 12 experts that we shared in our weekly digest below.

–   Read more about the upcoming changes in the most famous social networks for 2021 based on current trends.

–   Check out a couple of useful tips from Xavier Coffard who has recently received more than 7k views on his first blog post in our article.

–   See the overview of TikTok’s top brand campaigns in 2020 in the infographic below.

SEO trends for 2021 

Every December, people start to search for what will come up next year. 2020 was the craziest year for the last decades and we are bound to be ready for one more apocalyptic year.
We have some SEO trends for the upcoming 2021 year: 12 experts shared their thoughts.

Every December, people start to search for what will come up next year. 2020 was the craziest year for the last decades and we are bound to be ready for one more apocalyptic year.

12 experts shared their thoughts about some SEO trends for the upcoming year.

Let’s get it started!

  • Lily Ray: Core Web Vitals informs us what we really need to understand about the targets of Google. But the emphasis on E-A-T, competence, authority, and trustworthiness will be the biggest trend in 2021.
  • Dixon Jones: Google reported that something close to the free UX tool Clarity, from Microsoft, will be released in May 2021. Since Google seldom gives that much attention, there has to be something significant.
  • Aleyda Solis: In the way, Google displays and combines outcomes to better connect with the aim of users, they have become more adaptive and sophisticated. It will be a requirement to incorporate intent analysis into keyword study.
  • Jordan Koene: In 2021, Google will emphasize the output variables, such as user experience and speed again. Thus, expect suggestions for frameworks like AMP and Angular to optimize JavaScript libraries and guidelines.
  • Roger Montii: SEO is so overwhelmed with SEO rituals that the end game- sales, they neglect. Google is going to rank pages that users want to see: sites that address customers’ problems. And, this has not much to do with author bios, anchor text, or the disavowing of scraper pages.
  • Seth Epstein: Brands will benefit in 2021 by producing content that resolves the purpose of the searchers for each of the various SERP features and implementing more schematic usage to demonstrate what content is specified for those features.

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 New social media items for 2021 

New social media items for 2021

Even though 2020 was a hell year, not all brands suffered. Some businesses showed incredible growth and withstood all the difficulties of this year.

The main word that can describe the whole year is unpredictability

Based on current social media trends, our team would like to share all the predictions for 2021.


  • In-stream shopping: The application became a digital shopping center with the new Shop page and the dedicated functionality of e-commerce. But, it is expected to move further with improved one-click purchasing, new AR try-on technology, and video tags for items.
  • Variable home feed: Instagram could have stories directly in the home feed as they are becoming the primary content.
  • Reels are great and are going to gain popularity, although not quite enough to be a killer of TikTok. However, in India, where the Chinese application is forbidden, they may discover their own niche.


  • Snap Originals has been one of the key strengths of the company: short, vertically-aligned TV-style shows. As it expands, Snapchat is expected to concentrate more on it.
  • Snapchat would definitely enter the in-feed shopping trend and other features for e-commerce firms.
  • What distinguishes Snapchat from the rest are the advanced AR features. And in 2021, they’re probably going to try to move their AR technology to the next level.


  • More emphasis on e-commerce. By integrating e-commerce and in-stream buying options, the Chinese version has already been a huge success. Thus, all users expect TikTok to implement them for everyone. And don’t forget that to boost its firepower, Walmart will probably take advantage of the offer with the app.
  • Links to the music industry: The app will likely create stronger links with the music industry, notably because the app has demonstrated to have remarkable advertising influence for musicians.


  • Stories are currently the most common form of content, and Twitter is willing to make an effort into developing Fleets.
  • We might see Twitter launching Topic spaces in 2021, where it will gather related tweets.


  • The social activity of the experts would double down on live events, which were already common in 2020.
  • By adding a specialized video segment, LinkedIn could capitalize on the success of video content.

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Lessons learned from going viral on Hacker News

Lessons learned from going viral on Hacker News

“We’re going viral on Hacker News!”

It’s the dream of any content marketer to hear that from someone on their team. It’s not really the reputation of a Product Hunt launch to go global on Hacker News, but it can push comparable levels of traffic.

A guy named Xavier Coffard has recently received more than 7k views on his first blog post in one day, thanks to an immense interest in Hacker News. This, as well as the experience he obtained, is how he did it:

  • Don’t give up. You’ll know that getting popularity is very hit-or-miss if you’ve published a lot on social networks like Reddit, IndieHackers, Growth Hackers, etc. Xavier didn’t get any attention the first time he posted his article on Hacker News. Turns out the secret formula for his rise was a new day and a new title.
  • CTA is crucial. Although in a single day, Xavier saw more than 7k users attend his site, he only ended up getting a few conversions to his product. For users who do not read all the way through, he suggests making CTAs noticeable and attaching them to the top of the content.
  • Distribution is very valuable. You’re not going to get the recognition you expect if you’re not posting your material in the locations where your audience is hanging out!

The Crew’s take: Another major takeaway from the success of Xavier is that you don’t have to develop the Earth’s most comprehensive piece of content. His blog post is pretty short, and for those acquainted with content promotion, it’s essential. But it was gaining plenty of attention.

Check out Xavier’s post on IndieHackers here.

Sometimes all it takes is to know your audience and come up with a creative concept!

TikTok shares its top brand campaigns of 2020 [Infographic]

A list of the top brand campaigns in 2020, including hashtag challenges, innovative methods, branded effects, and more, was shared on TikTok. The listing includes campaigns from ten separate categories, with samples for each one.

As the TikTok group claims: 

“These campaigns encouraged us to tap into our responsible side through mask-wearing and handwashing, celebrated the creative expression, diversity, and individuality of the community, and empowered small businesses to grow their communities and find new consumers through TikTok.”

The examples could give you encouragement for your own TikTok marketing strategy – and with the app hitting a billion users in 2021, it’s certainly worth considering.

Take a look at the rundown of the top campaigns in our infographic below.

TikTok shares its top brand campaigns of 2020